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I'm still recovering from my last foray into a city crowded with people last Sunday, so I'm with all you climate protesters in spirit!

Thanks for walking and taking up physical space, and for shouting and just being there.

I hope you know that many people cant be there for , but we still support the protest!

We are many <3

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Today's gender is exhaustion and the smell of floor polish.

Just watched this TED talk about emotions & the brain: how our emotional reactions are based on our brain predicting meaning based on our experiences.

For me, this started a thought process, and I find it a helpful way to think about emotions.
I also appreciate there is a part on, and that this whole talk feels infused with kindness (but this could be, well, my interpretation^^)

TL;DR watch it if you have 20mins and are interested in learning more :)


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I do see a lot of my own behavior in this.. some I've (thankfully) left behind already, but some gut instincts are harder to shed than others. In general, this quote sums up my quite well:

"De-escalation means proceeding from inner security and general good faith — not the naïve good faith that everyone is innocent and trustworthy, but that everyone has the potential to be."

"This is the nature of relational trauma. It teaches us that there is something intrinsically wrong with us, that we are fundamentally incapable of receiving love rather than violence. As this belief becomes internalized in our bodies and minds, our ancient, powerful survival strategies come to the fore. We become exquisitely sensitive to threat, powerfully oriented to detect the faintest possibility of betrayal [...] because if we don’t then we might get punished first."


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the only way to get rid of all those open browser tabs is to accidentally vanish them.

hello, 1-tab-browsing-esperience!

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OMG YouTube, you're on fire!

Members of Mayday - Sonic Empire


getting nostalgic now... I was depressed in 1997, but it was a good year music-wise it seems :D

Throwback, uh, Wednesday, apparently.

Wamdue Project - King of my castle


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Today's gender is the smell of fresh cut grass.

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