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My friend (note, they are a trans woman of color) is asking for folx to help fill their survey on representation in the music industry if you don’t mind! Anyone can fill it out and boosts are appreciated. Many of the questions are optional

Can anyone recommend a good alternative?

Things that are important to me: usability, data privacy
I mainly want to track what I read; I dont really need socializing features. Phone-only apps are fine.

Thank you!

Missing things & surprising realizations 

sex mention 

What is currently your largest peeve? Not pet peeve, bc those can be funny, but actual thing people do that has consequences.

For me it's the lack of solidarity. That is always something that irks me, but I think it's going to be very hard for me to forget how people are behaving currently, because I strongly believe that times like these show anybody's true colors... and that means, you can now see a fairly unfiltered version of people that reveals quite a bit about them.

struggling with mental state; online community suggestions? 

💓 Sending lots of love and strength to all HIV+ people & their loved ones!

I feel like lately, HIV/Aids has disappeared from the news or our shared consciousness, and it's time to bring it back:

This virus is still raging in many places and is an ongoing public health crisis (33 million dead so far!), and while we - in the West - have medication that helps control the effects of it, we still don't have a cure.
People are still stigmatized, and society still has LOADS of misconceptions about what it means to be HIV positive in 2020. This is "not just something that affects queer people" (I use queer to mean all the 🌈 here), but it affects us all, and the virus doesn't care who you are.

Take some time to read about that today. Start here: who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/

If you wanna get involved, look up your local HIV/Aids support organization and volunteer. Volunteers are always needed (in my experience, people speaking multiple languages especially!)

Thanks for reading, please share!

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Liebe Community, jetzt wäre es Zeit, laut zu werden

#CryptoWars: Grünes Licht für umkämpfte EU-Erklärung zu Entschlüsselung

Diplomaten haben die von der Bundesregierung ausgearbeitete Entschließung des EU-Rats zur Verschlüsselung gebilligt. IT-Firmen sollen beim Entschlüsseln helfen.


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Wieso erfahre ich erst durch einen Aufkleber von @topio , einem Projektraum mit der "Idee, dass eine digital vernetzte Gesellschaft mehr sein kann als ein privatisierter und kommerzialisierter Überwachungsapparat"?

In #Moabit in der Markthalle.


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I have 9 followers on here so I probably won't find anyone who's interested, but won't hurt to try, so: I make customised stim toys and jewellery! prices are 7-15 € depending on the style plus shipping (based in germany, so shipping is 10 € outside of the EU)

these are only examples, I always do custom orders so beads materials, texture, colours etc are customisable! #stimyfactory

there's no shop, if you want one just message me. I promise it's super easy to configure it just how you like it, I have a simple configuration form and everything 😌

Need help with finding a handle on birbsite 

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The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:


I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?


❓ bell hooks question!

I want to give "The Will to Change" to a friend, but since they don't generally read feminist texts, and English isn't their first language... not sure they'd enjoy a long text in English, and I don't want them to get frustrated over language.

I was wondering whether anyone had maybe made a zine about the book/ topic that you could recommend? German or English would be fine. Or are there any books out there that discuss men, masculinity, love that I should look at besides (or instead of) this one?

Haven't read it yet myself (but plan to), so am really looking for something that speaks to men about connecting to their emotions and being more open/ able to (experience & give) love.

Would be grateful if you could share and ask around! Thank you so much!!


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What makes hospitals think they can just add pills for the day, without any info about what they are or what they are for.

Honestly, that's where most of my anger and grumpiness comes from.

hospital racism 

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