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Watching interviews/ reaction vids with tattooers working in the US & am horrified by these stories of people being too drunk to sit, or throwing up etc.

When I got my last tat I was instructed to eat and drink enough, not to have alcohol or even take aspirin for 48hrs before coming in. And that I would lose my deposit if I showed up drunk.

Gotta say, I prefer that to sitting next to some puking kid that clears the whole shop with drunk antics....

Am I old?^^

This is a beautiful piece about queer art in Athens, and it really makes me hopeful...

How Athens’ art scene became a hub of queer resistance

FB is bombarding me with Zumba Fitness ads. I'm glad to see that FB doesn't know me after all.

:heart_pride: Remember today to thank people for continuing to stand up for everyone despite facing hate every day.

:heart_pride: Remember to show support to the ones marginalized until this day, even within the community: BPOC queers, trans people, especially trans women, disabled queer people, queer sex workers..

Give them a smile, a hug, and thank them for continuously standing up for everybody's rights!

:heart_pride: this is not a party day, it's a fighting day!



Let me take this opportunity to remind us all that
👏 Stonewall 👏 was 👏 a 👏 riot! 👏

Also remember that the modern gay liberation movement didn't start in 1968, but decades earlier in Berlin, where Magnus Hirschfeld's Scientific-Humanitarian Committee advocated for trans and gay rights.
This work was snuffed out by the Nazis, and we still mourn the loss of all that had been done to this day.


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On a completely different note, I ordered a ukulele today. Hoping that it arrives before the weekend so I can learn a couple songs to entertain my doggos 🎸

I also realize that it will be hard to ever find a partner again, unless it's you and you are into
- weird obsessions
- dogs, dogs, so many dogs all the time (aka animal rescuing)
- cuddling with dogs
- dealing with anxious me
- books, many books
- possibly ukuleles
- odd people
- Queen (the band)
- Hackers (the movie)
- probably other weird things

OK, have to go and will play music from my phone. I have been temporarily defeated by drive formats and permission systems and the fact I'm using xubuntu.

To be continued...

I am livepinging this now.

So, managed to format, but then couldn't write to USB. Reformatted, changed write permissions, can write to USB.

But now my car's radio gives me a USB error - doesn't like the format.

So reformatting now and send good thoughts that I figure this out somehow before I have to leave for a longish drive WITHOUT MUSIC. (aaaaahhh!)

why oh why is it so damn hard to format a USB drive on xubuntu. Like.. this should be simple, and theoretically is, but there is always *something*.

le sigh.

(no need for advice, I just needed to vent before diving back into curing teh little USB baby of what ails it.)

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a smol criminal

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This is excellent! Gloves that translate sign language into sound to facilitate communication with people who don't know sign language - let's have more of that, please?

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