:doge: Job offer (remote)


If you like critical thinking and are a curious person, this might be for you!

The ad runs for 2 more weeks (I think), so no time like the present! My sources tell me the team is queer-friendly as well :)
The same sources think that if you're hesitating because you think you might not be "enough" on one of the dotpoints, but like the site, you should still apply! 💪

Feel free to share! <3

LIVE now:

Listening to a really cool Daddies on Acid set (with very cool visuals)


CN visuals are NSFW/ sexually explicit (all the sex things, I expect)

So just heard about this DIY/ open source computer from Berlin. Sounds like fun for anyone who might wanna assemble their own (or have full control to play around)


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Umfrage zu Musikgeschmack und Metal 

Ok, people who live alone (and are homebodies):

How do you train yourself not to touch your face?
I have a bunch of habits, from playing with my lip ring to anxiety-induced finger chewing that mean I almost constantly have my fingers on my face... how to stop when you barely notice you're doing this?
I'd ask a fellow human, but have none handy.

Suggestions welcome, let's build a how-to!

Making a belated birthday cake for a friend... it's Sunday morning and my apartment smells like heaven. I've also just sat down with a book, good good music is playing, and I am actually pretty relaxed.

I love those perfect little moments.

Also yes, I am putting the phone down now... but you know, you gotta celebrate the good times as well. :)

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My favorite sex shop posted a job ad for a developer. They are an amazing group of people, and it's for 2-10 hours/month. Have a look :)


This is the current site

Just re-watched with a friend... who saw it for the first time. He was brave and endured the whole length, I'm very proud of him :D

Interesting, though, how the reaction is always either "omg this is amazing" or "I mean it's fine, but no idea why you love it THAT much".

Sadly, this particular friend is now doubting my sanity (and taste), and giggling through the whole movie probably didn't help things... :blobshrug:

PS I miss @tethre (who _just gets it_) <3

TFW you realize you're (currently?) a small-town-loving homebody ;) 

So Miss Americana, the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix... is really good. I think I can recommend that to you, fediverse.Really interesting look behind the facade.

cw sexueller übergriff, fusion & festivals, xhamster 

Berlin rent rates... give me anxiety. 

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Are you from the #EU? Do you wonder what data #ClearviewAI has collected about you? Why not send them "requests for access to personal data as per Art. 15 GDPR"? Template at [1], contact details at [2]

[1] datarequests.org/blog/sample-l
[2] clearview.ai/contact

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The gender today is the smell of stale beer and sound of a dial-up modem.

Question RE Altered Carbon 

Pozilei, Nazis, Hitler 

Randomly came across these internet stats, and I kinda love them. Also that site <3


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