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I haven't written about security or electronics as much as today ever. More than 100 pages omg I even feel a bit sick

I just keep reading stories of home made shops (clothes, edibles, art...) that need to refund their sold stuff or close or similar because banks or payment system fucks up with them, or suppliers fuck up with them (once even sais that supplier won't allow them to use a cardigan pattern because they charge "too low" on the clothes, and other shops (brands that inflate the price such as gucci) charge more.

It's sad. And infuriating.

Ah shit there's a Vnn connected to 0V in the first logic schematics 😭

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As a treat for myself because I've been working hard in the workshop I'm giving next week, I designed this board, which connects an ATMEGA (arduino chip) with atecc608 (real random and ciphering) and a wifi module. Meaning it could handle security keys in wireless projects There's some decoration such as a drawing I made with the motto あなたのロボトはそれを大好き "your robot loves it!" and the "it's very safe!" motto as well. I added some holes for drilling. I'm not thinking about printing it rn but I love designing.

I asked my mom why am I not preparing tea in a cute place of my favorite neighborhood in my home city instead of this and she proposed a feminism bookshop and now I'm wondering why not both at the same time

Hamlet relayed
Hamlet relayed

I designed a new version of moisture sensor with ESP8266 pins (for wifi) and e-paper display, I added also a haiku, a signature (the alien), and the "My name is" tag space for the plant name. I will wait a bit until printing this one.

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¡Eeeeehh! En breve comenzamos nuestro programa de @PostApocalipsisNau en radiovallekas. Estamos al 50% de posiblidades de que el caos se adueñe de la mesa de mezclas.

Hoy comenzamos nuestro #PostNau45 en breve.
Hablaremos de cuerpos encarcelados y mentes libres con @riomuten

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I've been working on a simple board design atmega based for plant moisture monitoring. I finally decided to jump and buy a testing package of it.

I'm so excited to finally jump from prototyping to printing outside university. My circuits design teacher would have liked this. Me likeey

Ayer rajé de un artículo pero por traer un aura más positiva hoy recomiendo esto.

La peña de Panoptikuhn si sabe de lo que habla, tienen un grupo de investigación y crítica constante. Son colegas de @interferencias además. También hay programa de post nau en radio vallekas, así que muchas cosas, mucho jueves, muy jueves.

He leído un artículo pomposo reflexionando sobre la tecnología y nada más empezar ya he leído unos cuatro tópicos incorrectos que derivan de no conocer bien el contexto del que se habla (histórica y socialmente, no técnicamente). Me encanta la crítica a la tecnología, y esperaba más del filtro de CTXT.

Ahora me pregunto si otros temas de los que no se tanto y leo ahí están igual de filtrados.

Vegetarian recipes 

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