Soo today I checked an awesome repo for network password grabbing using Esp8266 and social engineering (here ) and sent the author a coffee worth tip because I loved it and afterwards created a shitty program that sniff MAC addresses around and saves the footprint information in a json. The idea is to use it in OT and IoT environments but I yet have to figure out how safe is to use it on OT... :blobcatthinking2:

Ready to test it on the streets 😎

Rpi+mobile phone+esp8266 and a brief trip to the local shopping center. I'm gonna take some pics for the students next term.

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Chose a ladies style (sorry for the gender role stuff) bag because A) it's my less suspicious looking bag (for real) B) they ask you to show your backpack content in the shopping center but not your bag content 🤷🏽‍♀️ for some mysterious reasons

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I came back from my experiment, and as I expected I had some noise from obvious mobile phone MAC (Huawei, xiaomi and Samsung) but as there aren't a lot of people, I did found some embedded technology brands, video surveillance brand :blobpeek:, bar code printers... So it worked like a charm! :blobthumbsup: Friendly reminder MAC addresses are public and not linked to a single person, and the information regarding these addresses is, as well, public. So no law was violated here 😊

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@terceranexus6 te falta acariciar un gato, mientras ries de maners siniestra y brilla tu colmillo!! :)

@victorhck a lo mejor lo he hecho mientras me tomaba un smoothie

@elfio Operational Technology (industrial, hospitals and other sensitive environments) that I'm currently researching!

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