I'm trying to teach the importance of functions to my students even though the things we are doing rn are easy and short. As well as the importance of comments.

I'm saving them from my mistakes, they won't write tons of lines and afterwards forget what do those lines do. :blobugh:


for a second i thought this was illustrating librelingo exercises and i was like hmm, this is a weird format to put them in but ok

the funny thing is,
visual programming probably /would/ be a perfectly good way to learn computer science terms in another language if you already have at least some idea how to program.

@Valenoern I agree! But the students who are gonna use this code are 10 years old who never looked at a code before Scratch. On the other hand I have this other 11 years old student who already knew a bit of python and I taught him C for arduino today.

It depends!

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