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I'm launching my illustration page today for selling prints and originals. For Mastodon users I'm giving a special spooky discount of 20%, :)

You can check the details in the web but you can order your prints using a keypair. And the page is open as well. Yay!

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A bunch of people from my job want to watch my next social engineering attack 🤣 Guess I'll have an audience

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Gente, me armé un repo peertube donde estoy compilando videos de lo que está pasando en #chile

Lo dejaré por acá... ojo, hay imágenes fortísimas.

@bicivoladora @hellion @johnada @jmanumeza

My job is literally understanding tech in order to break it BUT I'm still fascinated at Bluetooth.

Looking good! My manual for communities is almost ready. I'm just checking the spelling errors!

I hope to publish this week a manual in Spanish about cybersecurity fundamentals for communities. I already wrote the first two chapters about Internet communities history and tools against most of the threats and now I'm finishing a topic about feminism and sorority. :metal_paw:

My tutor just told me I passed my tattoo exam with a great grade 😊😊 yaay

They are planning on taking away violence against women prevention plans, homosexuality rights, trans public health care and freedom of expression. Like, publicly, that's their policy, the one they are proud about.

A post I wrote about my last assignment in the modern art subject I'm coursing: Visual haiku

Today all of us Spaniards are voting our president and main party and I'm scared. A lot of nazi and Spanish dictatorship supporters are on the streets rn.

I enrolled a couple of fine arts and design courses in order to improve my art CV and learn a bit more. :blobross: Hope to keep getting designing submissions.

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Curiosa manera de informar ahora mismo en TVE...
Según ellos, lo de Chile son sólo disturbios, lo de Hong Kong protestas prodemocracia pero lo de Cataluña es violencia y terrorismo...
Mira, que no, que hemos tragado tanta porquería que no vamos a tragar más.

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As we have so many new faces on the fediverse in recent days I would like to take a moment to share with you the history of this place and what makes it so special as a community. ♥ 💖 #mastodev #Welcome #foss #linux

Cuando confías mucho en alguien y se te olvida bloquear la pantalla

Since you asked, more drawings from my Japanese teacher.

What kind of fucked up system we have if the law can be bended as the government pleases against the right of free speech and in general freedom on the internet?!

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