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Ordered a few things for prototyping. I'm having some ideas that I hope in the next few months will develop into a full plant caring and smart wereables concept with open source hardware. For now, I just received first version of the low cost plant caring boards. My mom, partner and friends already asked to keep the first ones when finished :)

The logo is my gecko Goliath. They are handsome, I know.

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I'm doing a firmware analysis tool based on firmwalker and owasp recommendations.

Aquí es donde anoto todo lo que llevo para los programas de @PostApocalipsisNau que creo que nunca lo he enseñado.

Finally made a nice blouse, and now I added a NFC pocket for scanning my gitlab and lighting up a led

I've been working day and night since yesterday at 8:00 am and I'm about to fade away. I just stopped until tomorrow at 6 am and... I just want to sleep here in my desk.

Made a japanese style sweater in order to test the sewing machine modes 🥺 also needed to face troubleshootings hehe

After watching queens gambit we are all playing chess in this home now.

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Congratulations to the #CircuitSculpture challenge winner of the Most Beautiful category, the Waldian project!

Check out the winning projects →

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Already decided my next tattoo 😊 it's a weird feeling. I suddenly feel certain about having things in my skin. This is the seventh!

Until now I was sewing on my own (I don't own a sewing machine) but my dad (who's been watching all my trials and errors in sewing 🥺) just bought one for me and sent it to my home so I can create more things.

Oh to have a cute little lab to study bugs and plants in the tranquility of my own company

I'm excited because I'm slowly learning how to sew my own clothes from cloth scraps and I think today I'm going to finish a very cute blouse.

Performed a RPI JTAG setup and chip off demonstration in the workshop today. Now they are on the CTF.

Took 15 minutes for a guy to tell me if I want him to chipoff the micro USB for me 🙄

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Friendly reminder my job is attack simulation, BUT LEGAL pls do not report me. Red team is a thing, we are not completely evil.

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