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I'm launching my illustration page today for selling prints and originals. For Mastodon users I'm giving a special spooky discount of 20%, :)

You can check the details in the web but you can order your prints using a keypair. And the page is open as well. Yay!

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I miss climbing so much. I'm afraid next time against a wall I will fall after a couple of seconds :blobtired:

No abandonéis a esos perretes que tan convenientemente habéis adoptado estos días. Os lo dice El niño de la hipoteca

My students wrote me a message with a cesar cipher I taught them saying the like a lot my classes. They had typos but the system was nicely applied 🥰

I did a shitty web interface for keeping some monitoring of my system (Debian) each morning :blobcatsip:

I just keep thinking about the first beer with tapas I'll drink in a bar when all of this is over

Friendly reminder we have a picture of Ripley in my parents house, as another member of the family.

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Acabo de terminar un pack de 10 #viserasProtectoras . Ahora a esperar a que se las lleven y comenzar con otro modelo que se está demandando más ahora mismo. El de máscara facial. #coronavirus #3d

Si tienes impresora aquí info sobre cómo sumarte

As apparently the live speech didn't have the enthusiasm as the first time, I'll close the connection and record a video instead so you guys can watch it anytime and ask on the replies. :blobcatlisten:

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If everything goes right I will be live on speaking about Hardening in Linux. If this doesn't work either I will just upload a video next week.

Come if you want!

Hoy seguimos estudiando lógica proposicional con el planeta de los pipupopa.

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Os apetece intentar resolver el puzle de lógica que le he puesto a mis alumnos? Ellos lo han resuelto...


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Join the collaborative Arduino community conference to combating COVID-19, taking place tomorrow April 2nd at 5pm (CEST)

Join →

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Mom of one of my students asked me to tell him to tidy up his desktop but I said I couldn't because mine is as messed up as his. I morally cannot.

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Chatty Coaster Agitates, In A Friendly Way

Awkward silences can be highly uncomfortable. Thankfully, they’re a problem that can be solved by technology. Chatty Coaster aims to do just this, detecting pauses in conversation and interjecting with helpf…

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For aspiring hardware architects or people interested in reverse engineering, the Verilog for AMD's upcoming GPUs was leaked, including the Verlilog for the upcoming Xbox One X's GPU. Could be a major boost for people trying to get Free Software running on the system, or just generally for libre drivers and AMDs upcoming architecture. Got DMCA'd, but it's still out there, though I won't link for obvious reasons.

I wrote about one of my most geeky interests back at university, Video-game consoles designing

Nos hemos juntado unos cuantos ponentes para dar un evento online de ciberseguridad en español y donar lo que se recaude a la Cruz Roja para asistir con la pandemia. La fecha la anunciarán pronto pero estad atentos a la web si os interesa! :blobcatfingerguns:

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En Chile el pueblo ayuda al pueblo..✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Lo que el gobierno es incapaz de hacer!
Estos gestos me vuelven la esperanza al cuerpo..
@BelenIRoz @LuzDGas @garbancita

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