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YAS it arrived! from @Cryoclaire shop hello void, I'm willing to go back ti the office so I can show off

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he decidido que mi proximo libro será "Utopía no es una isla" y me hace mucha ilu ir a buscarlo.

took 7 months but I finally found a spoon that doesn't scare the shit out of my lizard.


t i n y

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SVG To Gerber, Without The Pain

We’ve all marveled at the high quality PCB artwork used within the #BadgeLife and other communities to produce eye-catching designs, but those of you who have dipped your toes in the PCB artwork water will know that it’s …

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after this term I'm finally totally switching my studies path to political science and philosophy because that's what I really want to study and fuck it all. I'm already a cybersecurity expert, I wanna study what I want at least.

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I studied ballet 10 years (including exams and theatres and bleeding dancing afters practicing too much and all) but 10 years after I quit I still miss it so

I came back. Started in a new place of course as I live in a different city.

Surprisingly I remember kind of everything. They told me I coukd bring my old pro shoes if I want, after telling them my situation (ballerinas pro shoes has wooden pieces in order to make us look like we are standing in our toes) but I'm going to take it easy.

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just realised I've been using Python 10 years and I feel very overwhelmed by that

y la gente que hacia cosas en medialab se va a seguir reuniendo de forma autogestionada? quiero saberlo porque quiero unirme :/

"but windows is reliable" yeah sure, nasa risked reliability so I could enrich this argument and nothing else

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a machine that arrives on its own to another freaking planet uses Linux and ppl seriously keep thinking Windows is ok.

in the same day my laptop broke, my mobile phone died briefly and lost all my apps and contacts.

great monday.

一昨日に日本語のゲレ子の本を発見された! Madrid の Círculo de bellasでそれを見た。


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