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I recorded a video explaining dialects. The password is "dialects", suit yourselves guys.

And sorry for my accent.

By the way, shout out to my amazing teacher ひなたさん who never ever gives up classes regarding the difficult situation that 2020 is. He stays at it online if necessary and always studying the best ways to teach us, and make it interesting and fun. He also publishes a lot of articles about it on

I'm glad I found such a teacher!

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Shall I record a video emulating different Japanese pronunciations? Including a lazy teenager 😂

Yesterday our Japanese teacher explained to us the different dialects and how to understand (and talk) in some of them. As a bonus, he explained us how to talk "in the ancient ways". He said whenever I put my hakama on (when I'm about to train) I have to speak like that.

It was a lot of fun I loved the class. Also many interesting historical facts were dropped. :blobaww:

And also a man who doesn't work in my field tried to explain my field to me BTW

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Today I spent five minutes in the bank trying to convince the bank worker there I know how to read in English and understood the documents I handed to him.

Hard sigh.

The first thing I find to be annoying is the fact that it's so difficult to achieve a successful uploading, is very random. As happens with other COM based devices, I sometimes have to quickly reset-reset while beginning to upload to make it happen, but even though it sometimes break in the middle of the uploading. Although the final result is clear and the code is simple! So yeah I might look for a way to fix that uploading thing.

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I'm going through the "first steps" tutorial Wio Terminal and I must say very few times I feel like documentation is as good as this one. I thought I would be stressed trying to figure out how it works but it's actually very well explained. I'm loving this.

And for the CAN BUS a friend already asked to use his car as a trial. I'm gonna test a WMB security 😅

Let's go!

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Yaaay the amazing team of Seeed Studio gave me these presents (one of them even not yet available in the shop) to test them and write about them. I'm so excited!

Will this be the year when I finally publish a book out of my privacy and digital rights investigation after 3 years of studying it?

Who knows.

(doubt but let's keep our hopes high)

Politics, Spain 

This puzzle has been hard for a gaijin. That's on me for asking to have this game in the original version. It said an Oracle show me this cards and asks me "what did I forget?" and the answer is a 4 hiragana word. Spent 50 minutes on this omg

Since Nintendo took my left joycon (apparently broken) to repair, I bought the cheapest wireless controller I found and it works great!

I'm thinking of buying a photography mini printer (8x5cm) in order to print packs of illustrations/tattoo design and similar. What idk how it would go, I have to study my options here 🤔

Hamlet relayed

A really cool project for a companion robot 🤖 based on a 🐧 penguin.

Learn more:

Original tweet :

All those exiting vim memes when using Windows 10 it's way more less intuitive

I'm so happy to announce I will be a hardware hacking and IoT teacher in a specialized middle grade school next term! Also the only woman teaching between the other security teachers. 💪

This babies from @Cryoclaire just arrived in and :blobmeltsoblove: they so beautiful, they will fit so well in my laptop

Ursula K Le Guin. That's it, that's the toot.

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