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niel degrasse tyson gender reveals to you that youre made of star stuff :3 [then you kick his ass]

just wondering how much Norman Reedus can deadlift, having a normal one


anyway, I finally caved and bought Death Stranding, I guess.

4. NES roms.
if you want hyper sentient dog scientists in the year 40,000 to be able to run your software, write it as an NES rom. trust me on this.

I do think Kojima pulled off cooperative infrastructure rebuilding by players far better than Fallout 76, anyway

i’ve been watching a lot of death stranding on twitch and I can’t tell if I would enjoy the gameplay enough to play it now, but i’m curious and interested enough in the story and aesthetic that I keep watching


food / how to eat on a budget 

as ever, its transfem not transfemme.
Transfem is the opposite of transmasc. the fem is short for feminine.

by saying Trans Femme you're using the french for woman, so you're just saying trans woman, or you're using femme as in the opposite of butch, which is a very different sub category.

in the same way no one was ever a hipster, and but everyone hated hipsters who were always the people who were "slightly more trendy and annoying than you", so too we now have the zeitgeist idea of the boomer. Someone who is "slightly more to blame for the destruction of the world than you"

one of my favorite things about the new airpods pro is that when I say “hey siri” and wait (because i’m used to my apple watch failing to do siri right), after a moment he’ll (I use the australian male voice) kinda go, “yu-huh?”

nice touch!

critics of socialism fear some people might try to take more than their fair share while not contributing a justifiable amount to society SO INSTEAD we have billionaires

because I am a brain genius, today I realized that your bicep is supposed to be sternum height, not hanging down at your side, when checking blood pressure

and wow does that make a big difference

wrong position: 130/90
correct position: 112/73

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