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I just learned that you can use your knuckles to know which months have 31 days, and now my mind is blown. (I'm also wondering about those two implied secret months just after December.)

things I want to know about Outer Worlds RIGHT NOW:

1) are there alien ruins to explore (presumably by some mystery "founder race" as is the fashion)

2) are there cats and dogs from earth

all anyone talks about

1) Fallout 76

2) it's not TECHNICALLY open world but

How much space will be freed up once Britain leaves the EU? 

after finally realizing the difference between Outer Wilds and Outer Worlds (the former is a cute indie thing with giant planets and the latter is by Obsidian and basically "Fallout: New Vegas in space") I've pre-ordered Outer Worlds

it's both extremely my shit and coming out this Friday!

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai argues a patchwork of state regs is bad for business

Sumbitch had his chance and waived it. Now we’re doing what he wouldn’t.

white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

Bruce Lee had surgery to remove the sweat glands in his armpits. This may have contributed to his death from heat stroke several months later.

The Korn Stories just write themselves.

usability concerns about keyboards throughout most of history: ugh qwerty is so arbitrary and inefficient

usability concerns about keyboards 2k19: these unicorns are somehow categorized as "frequently used" even though i have never used one

tonight, a friend told me I am the most bro person they know and i’m having completely predictable gender euphoria as a result

learned about this lift today and am astounded anyone has ever done it without dying, especially with 4 plates (405 lbs)

holy shit, I just successfully did a chin up for the first time ever??????


ranting about single page applications 

eat the rich, pdx edition 

do yourself the kindness of looking at something and saying "i'm not gonna interact with this"

nothing wrong with being a butch lesbian, of course

just, if anything, I'm closer to a gay dude?

"if anything" because I'm also ace, and at the moment pretty sex repulsed in general.

turns out, gender AND sexuality are weird and contain multitudes!

today while stopped at an intersection biking some girl driving past absolutely HOLLERED at me and I'm talking it as a compliment

(also, hopefully a sign that I'm starting to look at a distance like a fit dude instead of a butch lesbian)


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