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vaping deaths, death priorities 

I wish I could mute specific games on . I don't care if even my favorite streamers are playing Dead by Daylight or Mario Maker


Religious stuff, long 

after hearing Chuck Tingle reference Sydney, Australia as the home of "Sydney's Open House" on the latest episode of My Friend Chuck, I think that having Chuck and Bill Nye on the same podcast would be a very fun time.

This is the best advice it took me over 30 years to figure out/need to remind myself of.

Direct Action 101:

"After homeless people's sleeping area is blocked with rocks to prevent them from sleeping there, people in German city get together to help, carry rocks to the city hall as a protest and completely rid the sleeping area from rocks."

anyone reasonable: billionaires could solve several ills of the world with a fraction of what they have. however,every single one of them being unwilling to do so demonstrates how immoral they all are.

some bootlicker: well actually bill gates gave some kid orange juice

did Code Vein make such an elaborate character creator specifically to court Monster Factory?

Cyberpunk, food 

my dad calling “teriyaki sauce”, “pterodactyl sauce”: he has to be doing this on purpose, right 😂

Techbro mention 

AT&T invited pentesters to their site with a public bug bounty, but then redirected probes to the FBI's tips website. Dick move.

« Redirecting an innocent hacker's authorized scanning to aim at unauthorized FBI targets is the equivalent of Swatting.
Not funny.
AT&T should be investigated. »

selfie, ec, assholes in pickups 

Who is the person who enjoys it when Netflix starts playing whatever it is they're hovering over for longer than three seconds, find them and bring them to me, I just want to talk

broke: street art is vandalism
woke: advertising is vandalism

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