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and that's the story of how I hosed my computer upgrading ruby

I was fucking with xcode because I was having trouble installing iconv with a bundle install in a rails app

funnily, it installed fine with "gem install"

and fixing xcode didn't even fix my bundler problem...

to do that, all I had to do was remove the local .bundle/config file

FileVault HAD been enabled, but I was having a problem with xcode that temporarily (so I thought! ha!) disabling FileVault would allegedly fix (it did)

I guess if I want to (re)enable FileVault I have to reformat and reinstall



(the disk in question was minutes at the time, but disk utility had some complaints)

heads up for any trans comrades in New Jersey Show more

also, this is reminding me of Faxanadu, which is a game I never hear anyone talk about ever

seeing/hearing Castlevania II in AGDQ is giving me all the nostalgia feels, whoa

I ate half a pizza and now I'm at the gym

there is balance in all things!

except my guts

punish greed- tax the rich to the point that it's impossible to get rich 💜

the millennial generation was lied to by dying capitalists attempting to make one more profit wave. all we needed was to optimize every part of our life for labor and then stability would come, but it never did. we got real good at blaming ourselves for everything though

in 2019 we buy all our clothes from aliexpress, and they are all covered in unregulated lasers

new year, new overwhelming urge to get rid of stuff that takes up space (primarily physical books and DVDs) and inhabit a more minimal space.

oh my god

my coworkers across the wall are trying to help another coworker understand the difference between steampunk, cyberpunk, and i shit you not: Daft Punk

help now that I sorta have biceps I keep thinking of getting a gag tattoo based on how papyrus in undertale has sunglasses on his fake biceps

one good thing about riding a bike year-round is skipping the april/may bike tune up rush by dropping off your bike on your way to work in january

of course, you go through brakes so frequently you don't REALLY get to skip the rush

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