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someone on my tl just posted this photo of the firefox logo as Bowser. Browser.

Gaze upon him, the peak life form. This is the fundamental limit of human imagining. Gaze upon his form. Browser

A way to get around content walls: Inspect source and delete the element, find the 'background shader' (that makes article go dark) or select File > Print to PDF and read from there.

It's Cyber Monday and i would like to use this cyber toot to say:

fuck jeff bezos

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Setting up that Black Friday TV? Remember: whatever the box says, *it is a dumb display*. Do *not* hook that adware, spyware infested box of obsolete apps on an underpowered CPU into your LAN. Its only role in life is as a display panel for your HDMI jacks, and nothing more.

just stumbled upon a location called "deathclaw island" in Fallout 76 and I don't think I've ever noped out of a location so quickly before?

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Frisk's first Thanksgiving went well enough with relatively few causalities so far. the biggest being one broken ornament out of a set a dear friend got me like ten years ago 😢

he'd never had turkey before so didn't know to get excited while it was cooking, and when I gave him a piece at first he was v uncertain but then I've never heard him scream so loud when he demanded more 😂

oh nooooo the mst3k turkey day marathon was last weekend for some reason and today they are just showing a loop of a roasting turkey?

today, truly, it is we and our traditions that have been roasted 😢

every fucking settlement and raider camp is full of corpses and holotapes (and not ancient ones like in previous fallout games but rather recent ones who survived the apocalypse only to die just before you show up) and it's incredibly depressing.

the world of fallout 76 is a funeral and you're there rooting through the corpses pockets and dumping out the flower vases scavenging for fucking aluminium for whatever reason

why am I still playing this game

in addition to the gameplay problems I've mentioned (which are entirely fixable, and probably will be fixed eventually) there are also bigger story problems that will be much harder to fix because they are specifically the vision the game was going for

and then you go to move your base but the storage system is fucked so you can't recall the house (that you spent hours perfecting and decorating) easily so you go to rebuild it using the blueprint (that you hopefully thought to make) only for some reason it costs fucking aluminium to put together stored items from a blueprint and you don't have aluminum so back to square one

and the economy is busted as shit so when I go to just buy bulk adhesive from a robot it's like 200 caps for enough to fix exactly one more item and there is no good way to get caps because each vendor only gets a maximum of 200 even if you buy expensive things from them and every item you sell is only worth like 3 caps anyway and you can't sell all your excess ammo and it weighs too much to hoard so you just leave it all over the world in fucking airline vomit bags

THEN all my weapons and armor need repairs but I never have enough adhesive or aluminum so oh well I guess I'll fix exactly one thing and go back out into the world to make things worse

every time I play fallout 76 I like it less?

I'm currently level 27 and the difficulty curve did something weird around level 25- where previously I could snipe/headshot from stealth and get by just fine even against groups of 3-4 slightly higher level monsters, suddenly I'm having trouble against groups of level 16-22 monsters? I hit one and only take off like 20% health then like five more are on me instantly and I'm chain shooting stimpaks, and it's not much fun

So @dewtroid texts me out of nowhere with: what if skeletor is waluigi's bones?

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