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I keep getting these emails for old known breaches, but I just got one for what I'm pretty sure was my twitter-only password circa 2009?

long ago to have been in _A_ password safe and unique, but not in my _current_ password safe, so I can't be 100% sure it was definitely twitter

but I don't recall any big old twitter breaches...

I've continued playing RDR2 and it's grown on me

I think it's probably about as good as the first one, with aesthetic and story improvements outweighed by chore simulation additions

but I also think the first one wasn't as good as we thought at the time

Pro-tip: "Foolish mortals" is a gender-neutral way to refer to folks!

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

Reminder: Do not do planning of direct political action online

It's not safe, nobody is clever enough to think of everything

No, it's not safe, even if you ___

Do it IRL, leave phones at home

why does the main character of this game look extremely constipated?

having to eat and drink and sleep are stupid enough in real life without also simulating them in my video games

I played the first few hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 and... I don't care about this game, like at all? nothing about the story or the characters or the gameplay makes me want to play again?

I really liked Red Dead Redemption and GTA V and this game is beautiful but like infinitely more boring than either of those?

this speaker pronounced the "rot" (as in "rot13") as "rote" and for the first time every I realized it was short for "rotate"

I had always pronounced it "rot" (like what a corpse does)

anyway, I guess that's this week's phoenix down

what are the chances

1) this is b-sides related

2) this is merely a piece of paper, and that nothing is technically unavailable

update: I had a beer and a food and feel infinitely better/more chill 👍👍👍

the conference I'm at doesn't have a break for lunch and I don't want to miss any talks and yet I'm too hangry to pay attention

also three unrelated work things simultaneously remembered I exist and all emailed me at effectively the same time this morning and why does this always happen

why would I even go to burgerville if they don't have pumpkin milkshakes yet, tho

Be the cyberpunk that makes the dystopia better.

The moon sucks! Let's replace it with Titan, an all-around cooler moon 😎

If some criticizes your style and says "you are too cyber", don't let them get you down.

we already have to live in this shithole of a #cyberpunk dystopia, we at least deserve to enjoy the aesthetics

Don't use Airbnb.
No really, don't use Airbnb.

Hotels are regulated in ways that protect *you*, the person who stays in them. Airbnb's profits come from arbitrage: it skips the cost of adhering to the regulations.

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