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things all over the place are terrible and getting worse

except the weather

at least that's finally improving, if only briefly

I guess I have free unlimited access to a weight room at work but I can't be trusted to organize my own workouts without shattering my stupid meat sack

I have a horrible feeling that one of these days someone will add "pokes" to the ActivityPub standard.

Don't be fooled by them being called "virtual hugs" instead. They will be equally annoying 👍

What I want:

The budget of Star Wars
The continuity of Star Trek
The ability to solve problems like Doctor Who

What I have:

The budget of Doctor Who
The continuity of Doctor Who
The ability to solve problems like Red Dwarf

THAC0 Bell - A restaurant where you enjoy tacos and a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

I wish predatory tow truck companies would start doing something useful and tow cars illegally parked in bike lanes

if you own a predatory tow truck company, SE 52nd in Portland is ripe for profit

halloween handle:

gender is a spoopy ghost in that it is horrifying and doesn't really exist but can be fun to think about sometimes


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headcanon: Riverdale takes place in Stranger Things' Upside Down

love 2 go 2 switch gears while riding my bike to feel something and look down 2 see a spider on my thumb


on the bright side, I didn't scream OR crash my bike


reading spoopy stories before bed is a bad habit I've had for basically as long as I've been able to read

but this is the first time I've done it without a roommate or a cat

:oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

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despite all the terrible things that come out of video game culture, the existence of the earthbound community gives me hope

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