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1994 is as close to us as 2042, actually 2042 is way closer since we'll eventually get there but 1994 has been destroyed by the endless maw of the present. Anyway welcome to Chili's

back on the bike after four days in Seattle for and then two days home with

feels good, man

This is going to be my new personal mantra. I’m thinking of making business cards...

Image: cross-stitch with the words no spoons left only knives, and 7 knives on it

dear 1998,

the year is 2018 and a combination of william gibson novels and the movie Hackers have more or less come to pass

these two are the embodiment of "be gay do crimes"

recorded during the Super Soul Bros show in the expo hall yesterday, which was definitely a highlight of the four I’ve attended!

they will be playing there again today and you should go see them!

also, when I told someone the blooky is as big as my torso, I wasn't using hyperbole

good morning, y'all.

I'm real glad I got the blooky. they are super cuddly and when I went back to the expo hall yesterday there were no others left.

why don't hotels let you order room service without actually talking to a human on the phone

think how cool it would be if they had like... shitty tablets on the walls, telling you hotel info, and letting you order room service, etc

they could do away with those dumb binders, all sorts of stuff

Like an internet priest I absolve you of the awkward social mistakes of your past that were rude or offbeat but didnt actually hurt anyone

Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

suggested replacements for the word "toot" here"
- tweets
- posts
- mastoblasts
- blastodons
- screams
- oh no she twidn't

This photo of Jim Merrick, former senior marketing director at Nintendo of Europe, seems to be focused not on Mr. Merrick, but on a unique Yoshi statue behind him. If you have any information regarding the current whereabouts of the statue or additional photos of it, contact me.

absolutely every business establishment I step into in Seattle is playing Pearl Jam

is only like half done and I already have the pox

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