"hmm..." marie kondo intones cautiously as she eyes your balls

marie kondo is helping people get rid of the junk in their closets but what about the junk in their pants

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@annika then there's Clash of the Titans and Krull, but those feel like an slightly different sort of vibe

@annika have you seen Willow and/or Princess Bride? I think that's the trifecta of childhood adventure movies that may or may not have aged as well as one expects.

@spideyj after double-checking, I think I was actually pretty good this time! I need to stop assuming I'm bad and getting subtooted / important enough to get subtooted 🤣

@spideyj now I'm re-reading our entire conversation to make sure I didn't do that 😭

can i get a surgery letter from marie kondo that just reads "this dick does not spark joy"?

to clarify: this sign was in an extremely white upper middle class neighborhood that wants height restrictions and mandatory parking spaces in all development lest it become affordable to average people to live there

"keep <neighborhood> <neighborhood>!" signs are just the nimby gen x version of "make america great again"

Fondly remembering that time some guy created PonziCoin as a joke, made it clear in plain words it was a pyramid scheme, and people bought into it in such alarming numbers that he freaked and pulled the plug. I love the internet.

If you allow your website users to delete their account and don't really delete their data, maybe don't allow a registration with the same e-mail address to inherit the old user data – *and if you do* maybe don't let them access anything before they confirm their e-mail address.

'Cause I was just shown a website that lets you access all the user data if you know the e-mail address used to register an account that was deleted in the meantime.
And we figured this out in a matter of minutes.


@Xyc0 cardigan was the first I found, and was good. and the service they provided was worth the price of a fancy coffee, so I'm happy!

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