:) wholesome, friendly, kind

:^) a rake, do not trust him

(: no honor. he has pvp enabled

(^: deeply cursed, an enemy of my city

learn to code? become a welder instead, a flagger, a plumber, an iron- or steelworker. something with a union. something with training. something with safety standards. something with even the faintest structures for asserting ethics. there’s nothing for you behind software’s glamour but trauma and anguish.

Thousands of years from now, alien archeologists will be digging through the remains of human civilization. "What do you think killed them off?" "It appears to have been a 'gender reveal announcement'."

Facebook bug accesses iPhone's camera while user scrolls through News Feed cnn.com/2019/11/12/tech/facebo

“Bug”, mmm-hmm.

I did dent my wrench but stopped before completely destroying it or stripping the bolt too badly

put in my place after trying to replace my bike pedals and completely failing to even slightly loosen the old ones :blobsad:

transphobia, hillary clinton, uspol 

the other day I said something disparaging about people still using facebook while having dinner with some friends and one of them (younger than me) said "ok, zoomer" and I STILL feel loved and seen


@BrianEnigma for real though, it's prohibitively hard to dispose of a sharps box legally in portland without a car.

niel degrasse tyson gender reveals to you that youre made of star stuff :3 [then you kick his ass]

just wondering how much Norman Reedus can deadlift, having a normal one


@zenhob I've watched the entire game and ending on Twitch, so I think I will. I'm most interested in making roads and stuff happen? is that weird?

anyway, I finally caved and bought Death Stranding, I guess.

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