I don't read Hebrew but I really appreciate how this propaganda poster from year ???? has the trans flag as a rainbow

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ugh apparently talk like a pirate day means coworkers posting pics of Johnny Depp's face all day. STOP

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it's really happening

today I biked past some college girls wearing 90s jnco style big ass legged skater/raver pants


I gave a bunch of clothes and shoes to Goodwill today and really want to also donate all my dresses and such that I haven't worn in literal years (or ever)...

but part of what I was looking forward to after top surgery was wearing a dress without feeling so femme...?

ugh. gender expression feels are a bag of cloaca.

i just had the Phoenix Down moment but with github's mascot being an octopus/cat hybrid because of the git merge-octopus command

@SuricrasiaOnline bb creams are a low key foundation that is easier to work with than traditional foundations and looks very nice!

it's been a while since I've worn makeup, but i had good luck with dr jart last time i tried: m.sephora.com/product/black-la

I want a Venn diagram of people willing to argue "Give Kavanaugh a break, he was only 17" and "Trayvon Martin got what he deserved."

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started rolling up a new runequest character tonight and I never thought I'd recapture the feeling of rolling up a rifts character, yet here I am

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