I just learned about manwoman day and of all the hills to die on in this, the year 2018

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are you a robot or otherwise synthetic intelligence? do you love your friends? do you want a single emoji to express both of those things simultaneously?

drew a little picture of my character during gaming today and it's also a pretty accurate representation of me, tbh

I'm supposed to be home enjoying a sick day but instead I learned belatedly that paperclip is deprecated so now I'm home stressing about migrating like a dozen apps to something else and the suggested alternative (ActiveStorage) lacks features I'm using heavily (like validations)

@spideyj making them up is the better security practice anyway. mine are all generated randomly and stored in a password safe 😂

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when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

@bethskw I didn't know iCloud could be too full for backups! oh, nooooooo

@bethskw weren't you making icloud backups? and shouldn't your apple health / workout data have just been in the cloud anyway?

Some of the voting 2016/2018 memes have made me laugh while at the same time I feel like people were in a different timeline from me

tfw a service you use daily goes down for hours and you just assume it was some sort of terrible data breach and hope your data compartmentalization was good enough

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