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had an intense workout yesterday, then as I finished I got a work email and realized I had to bike back to work and fix a problem

so I went back to work for ~4 hours, without a meal

for some reason today I've been:
1) dragging hella ass
2) extremely hungry
3) sorta achy

I wonder why 🤔🤔🤔

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speaking of grindfest, it was the best yet.

and, I finally got a Firefly implant!

it glowed for the first night like whoa, but then my hand swelled up like a balloon so I probably won't see it again for weeks or months.

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was stressing about maybe skipping a workout this weekend because my quads are too damn tired (the trainer plans out workouts with rest days but as I bike everywhere my quads never actually get enough rest and I'm feeling it like whoa) and it occurred to me I could... just do the rest of the workout and skip squats?

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