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it me, yer atypically early-rising, biking, stood up, enby fren 😢

was done with and just want to go home and see my cat so I checked out of my hotel and walked to the train station

Seattle is a much prettier city than Portland, but I still think I wouldn't want to live here

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curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal

(I was not present for this tiny apocalypse, but I'm sure it was glorious)

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hey, the world might be ending but at least I have r/fitness and testosterone to help me be reach proper muscle gay status before then (hopefully)

this worked out better than expected.

dress trousers fit perfectly (a bit long but should work with shoes)

shirt mostly fits except the neck is tight?!?

vest works (but would work better with a different shirt)

jacket is a bit long on the sleeves bit whatcha gonna do

all in all a good bandaid for formal wear when I don't want to spend too much because T is gonna change everything, possibly

just saw a reddit comment (!) that is extremely relatable:

"but in actual fact the only real gender identity I have is 'as not male as possible'"

I'm this, but 'as not female as possible'.

and yes, I did pay for Toot! for Men!, but mostly because it made me laugh and @tootapp deserves money for what they do

although purple camo is very cool and makes me very happy

seems the hotel is surrounded by surly cats?

(there are also at least two on the other side of the building, who mew cutely only to hiss if you acknowledge them)

this is my life now I guess. repeatedly trying to update iOS, and repeatedly failing, forever.

lol nevermind, when I looked up the first four DVDs for things I actually like and want to watch, zero of them were available on iTunes

(the rest of my digital media is in iTunes and switching is not a thing I care to do at this juncture)

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