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(the disk in question was minutes at the time, but disk utility had some complaints)

also, this is reminding me of Faxanadu, which is a game I never hear anyone talk about ever


fitting that assassin's creed games are replacing bethesda games as my favorite genre; they have more bugs.

took me a shameful amount of time to realize the evacuation device in the office is in a ferrous case...

Frisk's first Thanksgiving went well enough with relatively few causalities so far. the biggest being one broken ornament out of a set a dear friend got me like ten years ago 😢

he'd never had turkey before so didn't know to get excited while it was cooking, and when I gave him a piece at first he was v uncertain but then I've never heard him scream so loud when he demanded more 😂

drew a little picture of my character during gaming today and it's also a pretty accurate representation of me, tbh

back on my bullshit regarding cat fashion 👍

why does the main character of this game look extremely constipated?

what are the chances

1) this is b-sides related

2) this is merely a piece of paper, and that nothing is technically unavailable

little dude still needs a name. maybe Janus? Jasper? Frisk? something else?

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