I did dent my wrench but stopped before completely destroying it or stripping the bolt too badly

be careful when switching out your airpod pro buds (airbuds), friends

(you have to firmly grasp the almost impossible to notice hard plastic part at the base, not the soft bit you might assume is the only part that gets switched 👍)

learned about this lift today and am astounded anyone has ever done it without dying, especially with 4 plates (405 lbs)

selfie, ec, assholes in pickups 

selfie, no ec 

it me, yer atypically early-rising, biking, stood up, enby fren 😢

was done with and just want to go home and see my cat so I checked out of my hotel and walked to the train station

Seattle is a much prettier city than Portland, but I still think I wouldn't want to live here

surveillance, privacy, hotels 

curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal

(I was not present for this tiny apocalypse, but I'm sure it was glorious)

ph - 

hey, the world might be ending but at least I have r/fitness and testosterone to help me be reach proper muscle gay status before then (hopefully)

this worked out better than expected.

dress trousers fit perfectly (a bit long but should work with shoes)

shirt mostly fits except the neck is tight?!?

vest works (but would work better with a different shirt)

jacket is a bit long on the sleeves bit whatcha gonna do

all in all a good bandaid for formal wear when I don't want to spend too much because T is gonna change everything, possibly

just saw a reddit comment (!) that is extremely relatable:

"but in actual fact the only real gender identity I have is 'as not male as possible'"

I'm this, but 'as not female as possible'.


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