drew a little picture of my character during gaming today and it's also a pretty accurate representation of me, tbh

why does the main character of this game look extremely constipated?

what are the chances

1) this is b-sides related

2) this is merely a piece of paper, and that nothing is technically unavailable

little dude still needs a name. maybe Janus? Jasper? Frisk? something else?

I think the similarity between the words orecchiette and orchiectomy is just a coincidence but it sure did startle me while I was reading the recipe for dinner last night

just got my flu shot and they have these newfangled band aids that go on before you get the shot and it basically immediately slid off and moved around ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alf is a monster. who eats a sandwich with a knife and fork?!

things all over the place are terrible and getting worse

except the weather

at least that's finally improving, if only briefly

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imagine your biology is such that you basically go blind every month or so

I wonder what that feels like?

I wonder how it compares to menstruating?

I know those super low-crotch parachute/harem/hammer pants are all the cyber rage right now, but I don't know how y'all aren't just in constant pain from chub rub or constant annoyance from chub rub abatement techniques

(image source: twitter.com/Bopuc/status/10453 )

overly salty that I can't give the shitty Apple Maps app one star in the app store (they apparently don't allow ratings on their own apps). it doesn't have bike directions/maps, so is therefore useless.

and I can't uninstall it because the shitty Meetup app won't let you copy an address- the only functionality is to try to open Apple Maps

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