I don't read Hebrew but I really appreciate how this propaganda poster from year ???? has the trans flag as a rainbow

I'm enjoying flying around Azeroth with a flying mount, which I hadn't really done before, and finding weird things they've hidden high up in the mountains of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms

like these giant prairie dogs with knives and helmets living on the plateau between Mulgore and Stonetalon Mountains

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got my badge and a very nice pronoun pin but couldn't get a t-shirt because some jerks took all the ones of the size I requested

recorded during the Super Soul Bros show in the expo hall yesterday, which was definitely a highlight of the four I’ve attended!

they will be playing there again today and you should go see them!

good morning, y'all.

I'm real glad I got the blooky. they are super cuddly and when I went back to the expo hall yesterday there were no others left.

on the one hand, I feel like it's too on brand for me to not get this napstablook friend, on the other it is expensive and just a thing I'll shove in the corner and resent for taking up space (which is also fitting)

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old cat keeps hitting her "spill proof" water dish across the floor, spilling water everywhere. she's old, and near the end, so I try not to get annoyed, but 😤😤😤

at least some problems are easy to solve... new saddle acquired

I knew I needed a new bike saddle, but not how badly I needed a new bike saddle

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