I think I'm getting a tickle in my throat and on the one hand staying home sick and playing video games sounds lovely and on the other tomorrow at the gym I was supposed to test new one rep maxes

well, the throat tickle didn't get worse so no video game staycation

also, no max testing day, as it got moved to later in the week 😂

new max get!

box squat*: 250lbs
bench: 110lbs
deadlift: 265lbs

*I've been training box squats because my quad tendon is jacked up, so I tested them instead of standard back squat


after puttering about this morning my back seems quite manageable!

so I'm getting ready to bike ten miles to a powerlifting meet some of my friends are competing in.

wearing my dasharez0ne rainbow "gender's all merit equal respect" shirt to stick it to the muscle fasc


that bike ride was nice and my back is doing okay and the crowd here is much less proud boy adjacent than the crowd at the last meet I attended 👍🏻

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