just put it on and uhhhh suddenly I understand all the comics. that was significantly more difficult that a tight bra. but oh gosh,,,, that felt so cool to have a flat chest. wish it was closer to my skintone but it matches my other nude garments

@lemememeringue when I got my first binder I couldn't figure out how to get into it for a long time until some Google search led me to someone suggesting pulling it up from your legs is easier than down over your head and I don't know how common that advice is or how dependant on body type it is but it saved me


@tekniklr I've been reading up on various binder tricks for like a year now so I've heard that before ^-^; I don't think it'll work for me bc it's not v stretchy? I thought it would be for some reason lol.

it's not too bad going over my head tho, just gotta be slower than my adhd brain would prefer


@lemememeringue I couldn't fold in my shoulders enough to get it down, but I'm not terribly hippy so pulling it up, while annoying, also didn't feel like it would cause serious injury

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