was stressing about maybe skipping a workout this weekend because my quads are too damn tired (the trainer plans out workouts with rest days but as I bike everywhere my quads never actually get enough rest and I'm feeling it like whoa) and it occurred to me I could... just do the rest of the workout and skip squats?

@benhamill FitBod for iOS! it has the best Watch integration of all the apps I've tried.

@tekniklr Interesting. Full disclosure: I'm a software developer at Under Armour, so I'm interested to see what folks use for this kind of thing. Do you mind saying what you think is important about the watch integration? "No" is entirely acceptable. Don't feel compelled to help me do competitor research or whatever this might constitute.

@benhamill I don't mind at all. I've no horse in this race except wanting my workouts to go smoothly and help scratch my quantified self itch.

I like that I can quickly and easily change the reps or weight mid workout, for any set, on my wrist. I like that it has a rest timer that buzzes me when it is time to do the next set.

these seem like the bare minimum things a watch app for lifting weights should do, AND YET.

@tekniklr Yeah. Cool. Thanks. You set up your routine ahead of time and put in your rest durations or does it have opinions about rest duration?

@benhamill I set it up and it has opinions on both rest durations and weights but I can change both and it respects what I set.

also, while I'm resting, if I need more or less rest time I can change it during a rest by scrolling the "digital crown' (wheel) on my watch.

that is also super nice for when I forgot to change the app's suggestion of "1 minute rest after 4@185 lbs deadlift" to 3 minutes.

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