my last tested max deadlift was in November. 195 lbs.

today, I pulled 2x195. and it didn't feel like it was particularly near my limit.

my last tested max squat was in November. 190 lbs.

today I did 2x195.

just thinking about how my current max deadlift and max back squat are the same

thanks, biking, for my monster quads

(admittedly, I was much closer to my real limit when doing the squat than when doing the deadlift)

balance has been restored:

today doing deadlifts I pulled 2x205

then I decided that was too easy so I pulled 2x215

I couldn't have done a third at 215 so I think this PR is more accurate!


also, two weeks on T, today I deadlifted 4 sets of 5 @ 185 lbs


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