(the disk in question was minutes at the time, but disk utility had some complaints)

I guess if I want to (re)enable FileVault I have to reformat and reinstall



FileVault HAD been enabled, but I was having a problem with xcode that temporarily (so I thought! ha!) disabling FileVault would allegedly fix (it did)


I was fucking with xcode because I was having trouble installing iconv with a bundle install in a rails app

funnily, it installed fine with "gem install"

and fixing xcode didn't even fix my bundler problem...

to do that, all I had to do was remove the local .bundle/config file

and that's the story of how I hosed my computer upgrading ruby

and now to notice and begrudgingly accept all the typos that gboard put into early toots in this thread, because such is life

(the disk was mounted, not minutes)

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