all I want right now is a weight lifting tracker app that is effectively just a spreadsheet to enter individual exercises, on a date, sets / reps, of a weight

e.g., October 30, 1x1 185 lb back squat

but all the apps I am looking at want me to set up workouts, and have FEATURES

fucking NO

why don't they just use a spreadsheet, you may ask?

dumb question!

because I'm on my fucking phone at the fucking gym and don't have time to jury rig some nonsense


seriously though, my workouts aren't designed by me, they are designed by a trainer, and I don't care about rebuilding/tracking them in an app

I care about tracking how much I lifted how many times and when

and if that junk can be graphed in some useful way? great!

update: after trying a bunch of different apps, Iron Pro seems closest to what I need. I still have to build workouts, but at least they can be built on the fly very simply.

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