I kind of hate how much I know about how to move/pack for moving because it comes from having moved 38 times by the time I was 18

otoh I have only used movers once and that was when I moved into my current place 5 years ago and it felt like the most decadent thing I had ever done in my life


@spideyj I used movers the last time I moved... because I moved over 3000 miles 😭

every other time I moved, I had friends and vehicles and was going only short distances so made multiple trips

I feel like the next time I move I'll have a problem, because now I don't know enough people nearby that I feel comfortable asking to help move furniture, and packing is / movers are terrifying

@tekniklr yeah, I don't think I want to do it without movers again but ugh, if I move out of SF I don't know how I'll find movers I can deal with (moving in the city I'll use the ones I used last time because they were great and I was super nervous about it because I'd never done it before)

@tekniklr also ugh I finally have kind of settled somewhere for the first time in my life which means I now have a lot more stuff than ever before 😩

when I moved to/from Japan, everything I owned fit in a couple of boxes and two suitcases lmao

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