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at a show and as part of the pre-show an actor came by with a tarot deck and had me draw a card

I drew the... title card? the card with like deck and copyright info?

I showed it to the actor and she cackled and offered me a new card

but I was all like, no, I think this is really the one for me

and she took it and put it back in the deck

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everybody thinks that whatever game system was popular when they were 12-14 is the best game system ever

which is fine for people who grew up with the SNES or GameCube but really sucks for people who grew up with the N64

its always the ppl that dont do the work that insist on it being done in the most inconvenient way possible

my right eyelid had been periodically twitching since Friday and, I GET IT, everything is annoying, you don't have to become a caricature of yourself, me

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I’ll keep beating this drum: do *not* use smart TVs. Don’t connect them to the Internet. Use them *only* as dumb display devices for other computers. Buy an Apple TV or a Roku or a Fire if you want that kind of functionality, but *do not* use the buggy, exploitable spyware built into a “smart” TV.

Samsung tells homes to virus-check TVs

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