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I have to become physically stronger in order to protect my friends and survive and honestly? Thats twinkphobic

tfw you know Janus is pronounced "j-nus" but you really want it to be pronounced "jah-nus"

little dude still needs a name. maybe Janus? Jasper? Frisk? something else?

I seriously look forward to this every year.. this year's Monster Mashup album has dropped! Lots of lovely Halloweeny mashups by artists from all over the web.


Be sure to also check out the ones from previous years if you haven't already.

Your very old wish finally came true and you are slowly turning into a dragon. Unfortunately you are in the middle of the most important meeting ever.
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I feel like we don't talk enough about how ruby programmers are basically weaboos.

ah, the periodic and depressing "scroll through kickstarter backed projects and mark ones that have been fulfilled"

it really is a gamble, so thems the breaks I guess

I think the similarity between the words orecchiette and orchiectomy is just a coincidence but it sure did startle me while I was reading the recipe for dinner last night

I realize that Gritty is a corporate sportsball logo and that corporate sportsball is awful but if reappropriating a capitalist mascot as an anarchocommunist symbol isn’t okay then what does seizing the means of production even mean?

a co-worker excitedly spun around and accidentally crashed into me at a work gathering and without even being prepared for it I didn't even budge?

like, she basically threw herself into me and bounced off?

I guess all that lifting means I'm the tank, now

like I don't know how it keeps topping itself in becoming a parody of itself yet there are no signs of this trend slowing

how does Riverdale just keep getting more Riverdale™️ and less Archie Comics™️

It's a shibboleth, If you're willing to be part of a social media network where "toot" is the mode of conversation, then you're already not a dick head who takes themselves too seriously.

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