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at a show and as part of the pre-show an actor came by with a tarot deck and had me draw a card

I drew the... title card? the card with like deck and copyright info?

I showed it to the actor and she cackled and offered me a new card

but I was all like, no, I think this is really the one for me

and she took it and put it back in the deck

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everybody thinks that whatever game system was popular when they were 12-14 is the best game system ever

which is fine for people who grew up with the SNES or GameCube but really sucks for people who grew up with the N64

the fucking scooters are coming back to Portland tomorrow. so, i'm just gonna leave this here

"At a Twitter all-hands meeting on March 22, an employee asked a blunt question: Twitter has largely eradicated Islamic State propaganda off its platform. Why can’t it do the same for white supremacist content?


[Another] employee argued that, on a technical level, content from Republican politicians could get swept up by algorithms aggressively removing white supremacist material."

Dear Ruby devs and game devs. I have a crazy announcement I want to share. Please boost.

Last week I released A Dark Room to the Nintendo Switch. Within the game, I also shipped a Ruby interpreter and a code editor as an Easter Egg.

*This Easter Egg effectively turns every consumer spec-ed Nintendo Switch into a Ruby Machine.*

1. Download A Dark Room from the US/EU.
2. Connect a USB keyboard and press the “~” key.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

#ruby #gamedev #nintendo

was out drinking all evening, and biked home drunk, and turned on twitch to watch some streams while drinking water, and watched a steamer try and fail to do twenty pushups, and decided to do twenty pushups myself, with no witnesses

I succeeded, without breaking a sweat, but did get noodle arms

I'm not a very competitive person, except when it's extremely stupid and lets me pretend to be swole

A neighbor child just yelled “OOH I see a snake!!” and two dad-looking men immediately came out of two separate houses to assess the situation

carcinization is fun. most crabs aren't, like, crabs? like they're not all related to each other, it's just when you're an arthropod down in the ocean every so often you're like... shit, might as well become a crab

if you argue that there should be a cost for higher education, you're admitting that college should be a class gateway and that the poors shouldn't be allowed to do it

I just said "if you look at transhumanism as a whole it's 75% libertarian eat-the-poor people, and 25% poor/trans/anarchist people" and I don't think I've ever made a more accurate observation

Someone in a The Adventure Zone group on Facebook asked for D&D nightclub names. Someone suggested "Tenser's Floating Disco" and this is the best D&D joke that's ever been made, anyway bye.

Can't-fail startup idea of the day: podcast app with crowdsourced ad skipping.

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I haven't even been smoking anything. I'm just like this.

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