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can i get a surgery letter from marie kondo that just reads "this dick does not spark joy"?

to clarify: this sign was in an extremely white upper middle class neighborhood that wants height restrictions and mandatory parking spaces in all development lest it become affordable to average people to live there

"keep <neighborhood> <neighborhood>!" signs are just the nimby gen x version of "make america great again"

Fondly remembering that time some guy created PonziCoin as a joke, made it clear in plain words it was a pyramid scheme, and people bought into it in such alarming numbers that he freaked and pulled the plug. I love the internet.

If you allow your website users to delete their account and don't really delete their data, maybe don't allow a registration with the same e-mail address to inherit the old user data – *and if you do* maybe don't let them access anything before they confirm their e-mail address.

'Cause I was just shown a website that lets you access all the user data if you know the e-mail address used to register an account that was deleted in the meantime.
And we figured this out in a matter of minutes.


it worked!

here is the tool if anyone else needs it:

sure, I could have written something myself, but my it wouldn't have been done this fast and my time is worth more to me than $3.

so anyway, current status:

downloaded Twitter archive of ~27000 tweets. uploaded to a service that purports to be able to delete them for a nominal fee ($3)

worth a shot.

here's a dumb thing I learned today: when mass deleting tweets the Twitter API only allows the most recent 3200 to be deleted. and for whatever reason, you can't just delete in 3200 tweet chunks- all older tweets are forever inaccessible to the API.

you can't see those tweets on Twitter, even- unless they have media in which case they are accessible still from the profile sidebar. or via direct link, I guess.

the traditional political quadrant test is pretty bad. it was created to make people into libertarians its not really as objective as people think. also: don't get your politics from a BuzzFeed quiz that's like getting it from the harry potter house of the libs you hate lol

tfw someone comments "still as beautiful as ever 😍" and you appreciate the sentiment but that's absolutely not the aesthetic you're going for

:mario_awe: handsome, swole, badass, etc

:mario_flop: pretty, beautiful, cute, etc

oh no, my Goodwill is full up until Wednesday so I had to carry my bag of crap home

this is the opposite of tidying

I just want to put this bag of totally usable and clean clothes and objects into the garbage

oh no

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