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at a show and as part of the pre-show an actor came by with a tarot deck and had me draw a card

I drew the... title card? the card with like deck and copyright info?

I showed it to the actor and she cackled and offered me a new card

but I was all like, no, I think this is really the one for me

and she took it and put it back in the deck

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everybody thinks that whatever game system was popular when they were 12-14 is the best game system ever

which is fine for people who grew up with the SNES or GameCube but really sucks for people who grew up with the N64

update: they came!

at first I thought they were extremely too big, but no, they are just long and pointy so extend a good deal past my feet. they are the perfect width.

mild gender euphoria about how they make my feet seem bigger!

and yes, I will need nicer pants than these jeans to wear them with.

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ah yes, the three genders

(I got *out* of paying the gender tax for once — my vitamins were like 20% less expensive than the men’s OR women’s kind)

boost if you give goths permission to pose and take photos on your grave after you die

@chr did you just "anyway here's wonderwall" megalovania

my last tested max deadlift was in November. 195 lbs.

today, I pulled 2x195. and it didn't feel like it was particularly near my limit.

pronouncing pineapple like minneapolis

you see, it's InfoSec, but with Sex, because a 'c'(+s) makes a similar sound to an 'x'

because of who I am as a person, I randomly thought of the portmanteau "infosex" today, and thinking "I can't be the first person to have thought of this", I looked it up

(I wasn't the first person to have thought of this)

Them: `if (b) a++;`

Me: you are like a little baby, watch this: `a += !!b;`

(please don't ever do this)

Hackers need to steal the Chic-fil-a recipes and start a co-op for disenfranchised groups to compete with them called Chic-fil-gay.

I should clarify- limit one sad, cis, straight, allosexual, white dude / season.

with how much Queer Eye has mentioned playing with gender recently, I wonder if next season they'll make over a non-binary person?

also, they've made over lots of women at this point, but somehow still no openly trans women!

limit one sad white dude / season, please

honestly enjoying Instagram a lot more now that I know you can tap and hold a story to pause it

before it was just stressful, wondering how anyone read these walls of text in that little time and being too lazy to screenshot, and wondering why THIS was everyone's preferred means of communicating their walls of text

Saw somebody call a hedgehog an "ouch mouse" yesterday and I think it's great

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