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cistems engineers

maintain the cis?

foundation personnel, pleading with their lives: "Please!!! Everything can't be your dad!!!"
me, pointing at each star in the sky as they wink out of existence: "that's my dad. that's my dad. that's my dad."

When you think it's the weekend but suddenly realize it's not.

@tomharris "Science Porn! For the people who Just Fucking Love Science! It's like science, but without emotions, and it's a terrible thing to learn how to do science, and most of it promotes unhealthy attitudes about women!"

@chosafine that's the extra freedom you got from making those files with an open source product

the city takes our wants
the city takes our needs
the city takes our names
the city grows
we are the city
we are nothing

Give your dad a mug with that quote on it

@er1n @bea i still have a bit left to go ... i'm real slow with reading stuff until i get really hooked

@bea i feel like it started rough for me, but it definitely has charm once you get going

like, i've literally written (short) fic that centers around plots that you'd think were (sad) attempts to copy bits of Neuromancer

reading neuromancer is really interesting, definitely makes me realize how much gibson's influence has crept into everything, even my own writing, without me ever having read it before

2028: phones no longer have headphone jacks, but pizza does


you spin my mech right round
baby right round
like a record baby
right round round round

the legs on the mech go round and round

round and round

round and round

despite word on the message boards to the contrary, i still exist

i've been slowly reassembling
gathering strength

this is my mech, \begin{mech} \end{mech}