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@ccolocho "disrupt" = find a way to steal money from an already functioning facet of the economy that is fueled by working-class folks, by removing, minimizing, or devaluing the contributions of the working-class folks

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@ccolocho i read an article about this awhile back that i wish i could find, where some pick-up laundry service in the bay area essentially demolished family owned laundromats, and was just shipping clothing out of the area to have it washed in bulk.

so not only did it destroy local business, it was taking money out of the community even further and paying industrial laundromat companies to do the work

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Don't forget the part where they replace salaried working-class jobs with "independent contractors" (who are essentially working full time jobs with less than the legally-enforced benefits) from a different group. And, if possible, hiding the contractors behind "AI" that's really just a UI for limiting the communication between customers and contractors.