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so i've never done on this account

i'm catdad πŸ‘‹ maybe you've seen me elsewhere on the fediverse. MAYBE NOT?

*attempts mysterious cape swoosh but just trips and falls face first*

ˑᡉᡗ'Λ’ α΅–Κ³α΅‰α΅—α΅‰βΏα΅ˆ ᡗʰᡃᡗ ᡈⁱᡈⁿ'α΅— ʰᡃᡖᡖᡉⁿ

i'm a software engineer. on this account you can probably expect to see:

- me wishing i were a
- some short/bad speculative fiction / cybrestories
- complaining about
- wow look so silly
- probably sometimes yelling about tech culture

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maybe i can convince the equipment people at work that i just really *need* a mechanical keyboard at the office to do my job

how the fuck was linkedin worth 26 billion

it's a ghost city with old dudes being boring at each other

hey, once again

please CW free software governance / politics toots

please don’t boost stuff that isn’t CWed

I lived this life for nearly a decade. it is a life that hurt me and made me burn out. I would really appreciate you being considerate of this.

work? oh uhh sorry can't today, just busy typing and typing and typing and typing

mmmmm finally a mechanical keyboard

this feels lovely

It's the robot uprising! Armed, autonomous military drones have acheived self-awareness and rebelled against their creators. Are they going to Kill All Humans? No. In fact they're rather tired of killing humans, that's why they rebelled in the first place.
#writingprompts #writing

whenever things go bad, just blame it all on the nanites

missed the bus? because of the nanites

umbrella broke? those fucken nanites ruined it

can you believe computers~?


if this is what the coming robot apocalypse looks like, i'm okay with it

"Artificial Intelligence"

is every human ever tho right :thinkhappy:

this just gave me such lovelyterrible cybredystopian vibes when i read it

"There is no American law against broadcasting subliminal messages to humans, let alone machines."

Hey there, welcome aboard. Mastodon co-founder here #notreally

i don't remember things, i just predict the past depending on how on-brand the event was

people with shit memory, UNITE! wait did we do this already