Made damn good coffee and it's 9 PM. It truly is the eve of Jesus' brithday.

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Someone downstairs is just *blasting* some heavy metal.

In the spirit of Christmas, i shall allow it.


There's a new lens in town and her name is "more arm days at the gym".

If I'm thinking about collectives, there has to be one detail-oriented person to point out whatever others are overlooking. That said, I'm so stressed over a detail right now and on one hand it's nothing that can be changed now, on another if I do not at least say it to someone I feel like I will explode.

After more than a year (or two) of meaning to, I finally put some things up for sale. So far I've sold a fitness watch for the same price I bought it, which is... fair. It was second hand when I bought it.

I have a nice CRT monitor for sale, one some people on this Mastodon instance could possibly appreciate, but 30 kilograms travel poorly.

Wordpress, or the people working on the Twenty Twenty theme, fixed the issue with the top menu not working properly. Updating made me lose all of my custom changes (because I didn't make a child theme) but all in all I am pleased.

The cycle of working and making a mess and tidying up and meditating over everything that has happened.

LB The MTO 1000A, F10,5, 1100mm made in USSR mirror lens is on my camera. And it's raining so I can't go outside to test it.

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Tara relayed

Yesterday I took a photo of the full Moon in Gemini with what was available to me – a zoom lens up to 135mm on an APS-C camera. Today I placed an order for a 70–200mm lens. Tomorrow I will be looking into whether I can attach a 1000mm lens using a mount converter.

I just really want to see the Moon's craters, ok?

I unlocked a new gym feature today: chatting with one of the employees while walking home. She may be the head honcho, but I never checked.

I had an early start yesterday (aroung 5:30 AM) and it didn't translate into a more productive day, but I got through two different telecommunication errands, so that's a victory for the rest of the week, honestly.

Steven Universe SPOILERS 

I've been working on my website for the past day and discovered an error in the Wordpress template. The hamburger menu extends only sometimes (on Chrome mobile) and never (on Firefox mobile). I'm not that familiar with Wordpress, but I'm hoping a theme patch will fix that eventually.

Wrote a new blog post about what I've been up to since March.

You can follow the whole blog through or e-mail subscription on the page.

The latest offender is MEGA.NZ, through which someone had sent a commissioned high-quality video. Not only did I have to install an app just to begin the download, but the app wasn't sufficient, asking me after 5GBs to pay in order to download the video in full. That is unacceptable, dysfunctional and a waste of time. Plus, the author should have checked whether the service could actually deliver the file.

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Not counting valuable exceptions, my internet experience nowadays consists of crippled freemium services disrupting my workflow and prompting me to subscribe for basic functionality, websites valuing my privacy by obstructing content and offering me cookies and poorly designed social media where content is both cluttered and irrelevant.

Why does my mind still use early 2000s internet as a baseline...

Visual artist typing on a phone,


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