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advanced mastodon etiquette 

(not a subtoot; this is a thing I try to re-announce every so often as a weirder.earth mod)

if you're writing a long public thread to a slow local timeline, you can avoid filling it up with your own toots by making that first toot public, & the rest of them "unlisted."

if you indicate in the first toot that there's more (whether by context, or saying something like "long thread" or "1/?"), people who are interested can still click through to read the whole thing!

I guess I'm just not used to it, I can't blame them for going places like I am. Only 20% wearing masks though.

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Trip to Leeds today is exciting but the train is so full of noisy people, I had to detune my phone radio and blast white noise to try to keep the overstimulation panic at bay

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I just heard about The StoryGraph, which is currently in beta. Tt's apparently a non-Amazon Goodreads alternative (without being social media), founded by a Black woman. Link to the beta site is at the bottom of this page: thestorygraph.com/


Ooooh I'm very pleasantly tipsy, I forgot about wine during lockdown

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The squashes have been really struggling so this is a tiny miracle

We've all seen the DIY no sew mask videos, but where's the five minute crafts for wrapping yourself in a duvet burrito because you haven't had a hug in 4 months?

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Looking for a 2D animator for a short project! Marginalized folks especially encouraged to apply! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email hthrflowers@gmail.com with your portfolio!

Please boost!

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UK people apparently love the NHS. Need healthcare? There's a dedicated, funded system that will provide for you, be it emergency treatment or long term care.

What if the NHS, but for housing?

Push it. For food, for water?

Doesn't sound so bad eh. Doesn't sound so radical or ridiculous.

Why are people setting off fireworks? Celebrating US independence from *checks notes* this country?

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they call it a "gender". no i don't understand it either

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