my first week of grad school has taught me that i like doing math a lot but not when i have deadlines to deal with


me doing math and not worrying about when it's due: haha love to learn about these funky little numbers
me when i remember the deadlines: ah fuck the numbers contain depression

what this means is that i need to learn time management real quick because being my normal scatterbrained self would mean that i will surely perish

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you might like me as the sweet, fun-loving kara you all know and love but the instant i learn how to plan a schedule and stick with it, it's over. serious karas only

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regardless, i'm hoping to finish at least my combinatorics homework and some of my algebra stuff either tomorrow or sunday, cause i kinda want to walk around town on whichever day isn't supposed to rail. if youre a girl and you want to hold hands while walking along the waterfront and then gaze out across town as the sun sets over the willamette river please @ me

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@Emily i was going to reply "im sorry emily its business mode kara now. gonna hold a clipboard and wear a tie" until i realized that wearing a tie would make me devastatingly hot

@takaeri I shared this on Twitter and people seemed to love it, hope you don't mind that I shared!

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