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in the upcoming decade i promise to be even gayer and even more on my bullshit at all times. this is both a promise and a threat

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i execute a perfect get-up attack every time i wake up in the morning

it's been real, cybre, but i'm in the process of moving my account to greener pastures. i'll be sending follow requests soonish

is it just me or is the new superhot game... not good...

hate it when it's hella warm in my room but my body goes "no feeling the air circulation from the fan feels bad"

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Hey hey folks!

Gonna be streaming some XCOM 2 in abooooout 10 minutes or so!

This is a no-save-scumming run: only major glitches will prompt a reload. We're still fairly early in the campaign, but things are ramping up DANGEROUSLY FAST.

Pop in if you like, say hi!

man i am like, not at all similar to anyone on this instance

but i am too lazy to swap instances so :blob_gnikniht:

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my dad wont let me play musou games because he wants me to see my foes as my equals in the field, because underestimating them would prove my doom. but my dad doesnt know that they are insects compared to my power. he is so embarrassing

saying good morning to each of my titties, the lights of my life

slept until noon because my brain decided that being awake was far less important than the dream it gave me about a mega-costco with a train station attached to it

whenever someone new shows up in my twitch chat i get really excited lol

it didn't happen tonight but it has in the past

nite crew nite crew, it's me, your favorite lesbian. i'm gonna be streaming some YS VIII: LACRIMOSA OF DANA in ~10 minutes over at my twitch! please watch me bop some dinosaurs in anime land

usually when i email my LGS for the friday night magic participation rewards the guy just goes "thanks for writing in! here's your codes" but this week he said "i must know what tezzeret megajank is"

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people still argue thirteen years later about whether or not planeswalkers were a good idea but i'm firmly in the camp of "they're a good idea if they let me do heinous combos like this"

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i streamed some magic playing this deck that i called "tezzeret megajank" and god damn that's a fun deck to play. shame i don't have the wildcards for it

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i'm a big lesbian and too cozy to get out of bed. my one wish is for winter to come so i can justifably layer far too many blankets on my bed

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i tried phantasy star online 2 for the first time. that game is completely inscrutable

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