i am unable to explain the exact meaning of based but i perfectly know what it mean

everytime I hear someone on tv talk about personal responsibility I throw p a lil

good (deity of choice) the news here is terrible

Someone yell at me to add flicker to my animation engine so that it sucks less than it does

Now, before we get into this, I want to clarify that this speedrun is a TAS. TAS stands for Taylor Alison Swift, the acclaimed singer/songwriter who also possesses superhuman video gaming skill,

i hope someday we as a culture will have the same visceral reaction to someone talking about "talent" the way we do about people talking about phlogiston or lamarckian evolution

if you abandon the idea of "not living up to your potential", I think you find that things become easier.

potential is fake. take care of yourself, do what you can to help, and find joy where you can.

and if it's big and messy and doesn't fit within the tidy confines of the life someone else planned for you, know that your Goblin Mom is still proud of you.

idea: distraction-free shitposting mode, where your timelines are hidden and you get a full screen posting box and you just shitpost into the fediverse from that
I'm convinced that messaging apps created the "message received" and "message read" notifications to increase mental illness worldwide. There are just a certain type of people that can't help but look at it, and a subset of those can't help but have an emotional reaction. I remember when texting first became a thing, the whole allure was that you could leave a message with low effort and it didn't require an immediate reply, letting the other person respond at their convenience. Now, last time I was single I was getting girls inferring that I hated them because I didn't respond in a maximum of 5 minutes. What happened?

can't believe they spell the word "compass" but expect us to pronounce it "cum piss"

its funny but also frustrating everytime some chud journalist posts an obvious bad faith take on something thats happening like "man accused of racism after <unrelated thing void of all context>" and then other chud journalists take it at face value and start a big thing about it

If you're an educator and you feel the need to use digital "proctoring" spyware, consider why your class makes people want to cheat.

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