why does everyone care about the mean time between failures when we could be focusing on the nice, kind, gentle times between failures

"But I am getting ahead of myself now. Before we can consider the end of music and other grand subjects, we need to unpack my claim from above, that electronic music's primary concern is with the meaningfulness of sound. Let me explain what that means."
—Joanna Demers, Listening Through the Noise: The Aesthetics of Experimental Electronic Music

big "Now please, hear what I hear" Fellow Feeling energy

guilty confession 

sometimes we put together a really nice patch in VCV Rack and then just play MIDI files through it in the background while we're doing other things on the computer


the feeling of being under two layers of clouds in a strangely lit area at night and wanting to smash the key to pull down the Quake console

we always question our choices whenever we find ourselves doing page layout work on a bus using a laptop with a 1280x800 diplay

the "fediverse (instance deleted)" category in our password manager is almost as big as our "fediverse" category :battery_glitch:

software development woes / open source / Apple 

sometime it's great being on Mac, access to all sort of development tools from the open source world and everything without trying to figure out how to make them all work together on Windows or worrying they'll mess up the rest of the system on Linux/BSD/etc

but then there's the problem where people close general, multiplatform bug reports on projects with commit messages for their fixes like "Disables maximize box when $RESIZE isn't enabled. Windows only."

eventually we'll remember that we should also post our art here

maybe eventually we'll also move entirely away from birdsite and patreon

us: we should learn python because our partner is and we want to be able to help them if they have questions, and everyone learns python these days, right?

also us: *continues doing everything in perl*

Is there a better nonbinary flag yet?

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"real" and "fake" are not very useful concepts when it comes to identity. Rather, throw them both out and judge things based on usefulness, helpfulness, or just how comfortable or appropriate they feel to the person or persons in question. There will be a lot less stress and imposter syndrome.

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i'm not taking any pills, shots, gels, or patches, but heck yeah i'm a magical goop

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trauma, kink, D/s 

we fight to build a future where no one must again become like we have, and the experiences that have made us most able to understand why the worlds we seek to build are important are the same ones that have ingrained in us a need to have others tell us who we are and what to do

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did a roundup of ways trans women reported feeling validated and seen, following from a twitter conversation

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tony stark putting the iron man armor on while the guy he was fighting just stands there and watches is *exactly* a magical girl transformation sequence

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