anyway Origami Angel are frikkin great. def worth a listen.

seriously, if the blue hellbird site implements any open standard that allows me to follow and interact with my friends who won't ever move to a regular activitypub instance while i can stay on a moderated instance, that's as good as it's likely to get.

anyway if jack wants twitter to implement activitypub, then very seriously we would love to have him鈥擨 do fundamentally believe the world is better when we collaborate on open standards.

As we've learned over the years, open standards aren't a panacea, and they need strong process to avoid being co-opted and distorted by corporate interests, but when it does work, it works *really well*

the controls are weird tho, I really don't think I should have to move my finger that much, i should be able to move without swiping my finger completely edge to edge. also this reminds me why u really really need a headphone jack on a phone. the latency you get with even the best bluetooth earbuds is still too much for rhythm games.

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sayanora wildhearts is wild and im pretty sure supper frikkin bi (and the bi lighting is great). playing on my sister's phone 'cause i don't own an apple device or a switch.

@platypus sometimes I ask people, "what if there was an innovation such that we could get five days' work done in four days! Do we all get Fridays off? Or do we lay off 20% of the workforce and then blame them for not being able to find new work?"

And when they've thought about that, I add, "And this ALREADY HAPPENED in the 1980s."

anyway, i have a new compy and am buying too many things now that i got a few paychecks.

Concept: shirt like one of those "STAFF" shirts people wear around, that don't say *what* they're staff for... but it just says "STUFF" on the back instead

so this is running off of the Solid decentralization system and specifications, and this readme is really good look at some of the stuff that's great about the system. (portability of identity, easy switching of 'hosts' without losing ANYTHING, channels etc.) it's a good read.

activitypub is cool, but this, this looks great.

um wow, Solid ( ) seems like an extremely ambitious project trying to decentralize social media and basically everything else. and it looks like it has some real steam going. heavy standards work done and it looks like they have some real funding too. this is something im gonna have to keep abreast of.

Corrected the typo from the previous post 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

I present you "post-vaporwave" @ChrisWere @mirsal
thanks, was testing what replies were like with notifs locked down.

seeing as people often interact with replies to their posts in tge thread of replies that display attached, and not just through the notifications, a set of "make this post unable to be replied to" options are needed to manage that space.

i really think that an equivalent post privacy option for replies to the options for blocking notifications from non-followers/non-following is a strong tool to help pre-empt and mitigate harassment and dogpiling.

the point of this notification options is a recognition that people should be able to post publicly without having to be forced to deal with every single thing directed at them.

I have to sit down and read the activitypub/ostatus standard. I have an idea for revisions, and a separate idea for a post anti-harassment/privacy feature that makes a post unable to be replied to.

personal responsibility for personal evils, personal responsibility for societal evils, societal responsibility for societal evil, and societal responsibility for personal evils.

some bad ideas come from misbalancing and selective application of these, but the worst ideas often have such a misbalancings selective applications explicitly stated in their popular justifications.

which makes them sound illogical to people whose viewpoint has a different balance of responsibilities.

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