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The ticket machines at Amsterdam Centraal have an "I want to go to the airport" button on the first screen. This is brilliant.

Demolition Man holds up.

A deck of cards where all the hearts are black

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century is an underrated film

Yes, I am joking. I know how to eat right, I'm just choosing not to at the moment.

On a calorie restricted diet, it's cool if like half my daily intake is chocolate, right?

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in before Elon starts designing couches

All the videos from EVE Fanfest are making me want to play again...

The test procedure for this multimeter is "stick the probes in a wall socket"

in before Elon starts designing couches

Somebody talk me out of writing an RTOS

FastMath on ARM Cortex-M0+... Isn't very fast.

I was just watching Looney Tunes, and the coyote caught up to the roadrunner, then pulled out a fork and knife... Was the coyote trying to eat the roadrunner all along? How did I never notice that?