synack relayed

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

I let YouTube autoplay for too long and now I'm watching japanese makeup reviews.

...liked and subscribed.

How do you tell your neighbor you can hear their hitachi

The FunctionFS module allows you to build USB composite devices dynamically by mounting them as filesystems. What.

Linux's usb-gadget framework is so needlessly overengineered I love it

I wore a sports hat and somebody tried to talk to me about sports halp

This netflix show "Maniac" has a lot of neat old computers used as set decoration... Just spotted a PDP-8

I'm a bit sad, this is my very last digg sticker

Going to Strangeloop on Wednesday... I should put some stickers on my laptop so that I fit in with the cool kids, right?

I finally got the DDR2 controller initialized on the JZ4760, should be able to do relocation and jump to u-boot soon... Then, device trees!

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