Might be horny or otherwise weird 

here's a video of the current state of my roguelike. this has the new level generation in it!

game dev musings 

keep forgetting i have this account... dang. i SWEAR i'll use it more

did you know that, if AmigaOS cannot automatically allocate resources to a hardware device at boot time, then it will, in official terminology, tell it to shut up

kiwifarms getting a pleroma instance to call out gab for compromising on free speech is honestly the surrealist plot twist this whole situation needed. god.

mario + super mushroom = super mario

super mario world <-> dr. mario world

mario didnt get a medical degree, he just ate a doctor mushroom

What if we put A lost soul on top of a demon's body! 

What if we put Shaggy's head on top of Shrek's body! 

What if we put Homer Simpson's head on top of Ness' body! 

unsanitary, physical illness, transformation 

game dev 

transformation, mental health, college is great because truly, i feel among my kin here and it's not a discourse thunderdome like... the accursed birdsite

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