social stuff 

might invade a party today wish me luck

i need to find the most in your face lgbt apparel to wear when i go visit my father
also something with a big green v and maybe some worker's party stuff

weight loss, gym 

i like how i know I'm below my TDEE due to getting absolutelly rekt during gym

I also know when I'm above when I hit a PR and feel fine later

got fired up to go back to muay thai
gotta get back on it before i get tired from the thought


didn't even shotgun a beer yet btw

twitter bot is making me angery going to sleep soon either way so whatever

but the amazon is still burning and the president is still more preocupied with the gays™


shotgunning some beers internet get ready, not here cuz i love you guys

I want to go back to C, java is giving me dependecy headaches, what even is wildfly why servers just run local sib

"hot singles in your area but they are all liberals and think you went to far on that nazi on twitter"

tired of screaming at people on twitter gonna chill here until I'm recharged

swearing, brasil&co 

my country is on fire again but now there are literal people defending setting the amazon on fire oh god oh fuck

also I just need a sticker from one big tech in my region to complete my unruly collection of stickers from hip tech corporate on my laptop

job search, swearing, anxiety 

my workplace is trash even though I only work 4h/day
all my friends supporting me on my job search but I'm too embarassed to tell them I acquired nothing new to put on my CV on the past two years and that is really making me insecure as fuck to send them it

CW: mispells, linux, arch btw 

maybe I should just install a de

i'm pretty satisfied with vanilla i3 but the few things that I forget to setup then complain that aren't in it already then forget to set up again is a bit infuriating

I'm too lazy to have nice things


just give us free universities holy shit

Also gonna start visiting my local hackerspace next week
the stuff they do is hella fun

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