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Aw yeah we in one of those life is pain moods

Blame it on your love vs track 10, go

how long do you think tidal lasts till bankruptcy

I've been fantasizing bout a Porsche

Get that doughoughoughough

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ive decided to stop being valid. im a stinker now

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Looking at charli's chronology and this songs collaborators got me eye emojiing

Umru, Dylan Brady, Kim petras, plus the obvious ag cook and charli

I'm ready

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Lukewarm to hot take: 50% of engineering majors need to fucking shave

C'mon dudes you don't got a beard you got a b because 80% of it's missing

birb wars, gender wars Show more

birb wars, gender wars Show more

I like to go to batting cages on weekends. I also got a new car radio. Im lazy so its all on my car still.

Having a baseball bat, pliers, screwdrivers and loose car audio equipment in my van is not the best look

Catherine Full Body Spoilers, about unlocking Rins route Show more

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