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related to the loss of a loved one 

related to the loss of a loved one 

related to the loss of a loved one 

That means it’s chill to bring ya straight friends but also gay it up

Arcade legacy bar edition is a de facto gay bar

I’m sooo close to being happy with how I look I’d say another year on E and another 20 pounds and I’ll be about where I want to be

Anyone got any good music theory book recommendations?

selfie ec the lot 

my friend said gecs is a fad. Called it like my little pony in that ill be looking back and cringeing


quick thing I made fucking around in Reason for the first time

Part 1 is informing my close friends to start using my chosen name and avoid male pronoun usage (anything else is all right)

Part 2 is after graduation start using said name full time everywhere (except with family)

Part 3 after I move out is informing my relatives, or at least stop trying to actively hide myself

One month till I go through phase one of my three part hardline social transition yeet

Syd relayed
Stream live! Now playing: 15 minutes of Dream Room drone on

It's going to be a fun techno set today, a slightly more aggressive style than usual.

minorly explicit 

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