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burger king for dinner
mcdonalds for post-concert post-drinking

good diet today me

You've been tricked

The egg was not posted

Iiii got nothing to post so here's an egg

Yo 17 bucks for 3 drinks is wild. Fuck bars

Hrngh I can't tell if I'm tired or drunk

Im drunk and I cant see the stage real well but the rapper here looks like fuckin Lord nikon

Also had thoughts about letting my dysphoria get to me. I gotta say getting drunk while in light makeup and curled hair makes me the most confident

At a small hardcore show
Got drunk
Was headbanging, letting my hair go crazy in the pit

Thought "Jesus why did I let society convince me long hair was bad?"

thisd is why you should always record horizontal

welp looks like it's the end for you, old friends

@HYPERLINK I just watched the Sonic trailer and I'm going to vomit

On a much lighter note Soul Hackers is so fuckin cool so far. I love nemissa and hitomis rapport and nemissa in general

Don't get me wrong that article was awful. Like really fucking bad. But the backlash over it specifically is not proportional at all - /r/megaten is going full ethics in games journalism over it

The raking of lkd over the coals due to that bad Kotaku article is another reason I hate being technically a SMT and Persona fan

I get associated with asshats like them

Contrapoints just shit talked cincinnati chili and that has singlehandedly converted me into an Alt-Right Fascist GenCrit Incel

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