My dentist's office has the weirdest collection of tooth art everywhere

the black hole is my girlfriend and so is roko's basilisk. anyways here's more

I've got a new 200 word out! It's called "Prime Blessings" and it's about cleaning out a hoarder relative's house that's filled with online purchases from a certain major online store. It's free to download, take a look!

oppression, a quote from the xenofeminist manifesto Show more

some pronoun button designs i'm working on for an LGBTQ+ in tech meetup i help run.

each will have a variety of colors and a bunch of pronouns.

a little creepy, #glitchart Show more

My ant philosopher, Meep. Believes in democracy because The Divine selects The Queen through us. Is probably a termite spy, actually.

(As drawn by @degen 💕)


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