Okay hello fediverse, it is now time to tell you all about the best page on all of Wikipedia. The list of lists of lists.

This amazing wonderful entry is a list of all pages that are lists of list articles on the English wikipedia. Uh, amazing???? Except some of the things it links to are lists of lists of lists, so one could label this is a list of lists of lists of lists.

Some of my absolute favorite entries in the list of lists of lists include:
- Lists of unsolved problems
- Lists of fictional Presidents of the United States
- Lists of colors
- Lists of extreme points
- Lists of ghost towns in Canada
- Lists of disasters
- Lists of people by cause of death
- Lists of lists of people by belief
- Lists of hoards
- Lists of most expensive items

And, to be clear, each of those pages is a list of a bunch of other lists. :blobaww:

Of course, the list of lists of lists is labeled as incomplete and asks for help by expanding it. Of course, one way is to find existing entries that are lists of lists.

How would we do that? By searching for the word "list" and hoping we find things that other Wikipedia editors haven't?

The *other* way to expand the article is to create more esoteric lists of lists. Like, if we can have these highly-specific lists on the list of lists of lists, surely we can make more:

- List of Argentine films of the 1930s
- Lists of Knight Rider episodes
- Lists of foreign footballers in Japan
- Lists of Zambia-related topics
- Lists of listed buildings in Shetland
- Lists of extinct animals of the British Isles
- Lists of Bulgarian military aircraft

Like, here are some lists of lists I'd like to see:

- Lists of celebrity fursonas
- Lists of social networks by country
- Lists of Wisconsin state representatives
- Lists of women performance artists
- Lists of countries by decade formed
- Lists of acronyms

Again, these would be pages that contain links to lists within that category. So there would have to be *so many* individual articles that we can make a list of lists of them.

There's more to the List of lists of lists article than just its amazing content, however. Next, I'd like to draw your attention to the Talk page for the List of lists of lists.

The first discussion we see surrounds a proposal to add the List of lists of lists to the List of lists of lists itself. We get into Russell's Paradox and the hypothetical article for "List of all lists that do not contain themselves."

We pass by a suggestion to rename the page to just "lists of lists" which although accurate would remove all humor in the article title.

The best heading on the talk page, though, is at the bottom and simply reads, "lets all take a moment to admire this article". Well put, Wikipedia editor Huff slush7264.

@sublimemarch this is incredible, thank you for sharing! Wikipedia is so awesome haha

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