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Hi, I'm Fen! I'm a web dev and nerd who's into making zines and RPGs. I just moved here from :black_sparkles:

Code and talks:

Zines and games:

I post about:
:trans_heart: trans and queer issues
💻 programming (mostly HTML and CSS)
👩🏾‍💻 radical inclusion in the tech industry
♿ digital accessibility and invisible illness
🧠 mental illness
:d10: indie tabletops and LARPs
:flow: weird internet junk

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Michael extracts meter and rhyme from texts like the script to Pokemon Red to find poetry in arbitrary places. Originally meant for limericks which turned out to be really hard but check out these from dril #wordHack

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This self-destructive tape loop by AMULETS has me super inspired. What would it look like to have an art algorithm self-destruct like this? By running the code that generates the art recursively, a screen or hard drive overheats maybe?

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To do before I'm at the airport at 1pm:
- get dressed
- pack everything on my packing list
- pick up friend who's house sitting
- lunch with house sitting friend and friend who's taking us to the airport
- hug cute wife
- don't panic

okay cool I got my nextcloud instance up and running earlier, but now my wordpress install on the same droplet is redirecting to nextcloud and I really should finish packing for my flight tomorrow. :coolhhHHAAAHHH:

in other news i'm heckin exciting to maybe find time to get nextcloud set up on my shiny new digital ocean droplet

just finished my packing list for spending a week in north carolina for a conference after looking up the weather there. it's going to hit 83 there this week, and it's literally snowing here in chicago.

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Starting this Friday night is Pesach/Passover for a week, and then starting May 5th is Ramadan for a month

During this time of year you should be extra mindful and CW food, especially bread, in order to be considerate of us Jews avoiding chametz for Pesach and especially for our Muslim siblings who will be fasting for Ramadan.

Thank you!!

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dee and i are watching the fifth element right now and i haven't seen this movie in about a decade i think? the CGI has honestly held up really well, imo. it's obviously CGI, but not distractingly bad.

hey, i made a cute little microblog that lives at, check it out if you want. it's got some good glitch art and writing up on there so far

every so often i remember the week when there were signs reading "no vocalizing in the restrooms" hanging all over the shared bathroom in the building i work in.

like, it was because there were opera auditions happening on that floor but. still.

i was lying on my stomach on the couch, doing an accessibility audit for work, and one of my cats sat down on my butt to take a nap, and i guess what i'm saying is that i'm stuck here now

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Finding it harder and harder to keep using the web. Tracking, attention hoarding, surveillance, the horror.

It wasn’t meant to be like this. This isn’t what we thought it was going to be.

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The Event Horizon Telescope, incidentally, is a fantastic example of a large scale decentralised non-governmental collaboration.

That black hole image was taken using 8 separately managed radio telescopes scattered across the planet. It was organised by scientists working in 60 different research institutes in 17 countries across 6 continents. With no motive beyond trying to learn something which they didn't know before.

the black hole is my girlfriend and so is roko's basilisk. anyways here's more

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I wanna make a shitposty set of tarot cards. Like, idk, emoji tarot

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