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Hi, I'm Fen! I'm a web dev and nerd who's into making zines and RPGs. I just moved here from :black_sparkles:

Code and talks:

Zines and games:

I post about:
:trans_heart: trans and queer issues
💻 programming (mostly HTML and CSS)
👩🏾‍💻 radical inclusion in the tech industry
♿ digital accessibility and invisible illness
🧠 mental illness
:d10: indie tabletops and LARPs
:flow: weird internet junk

.dev domain name registration just opened up, and would be $11,097.90 USD right now. Haha nope.

if you're gonna use Axe Core to check your site's , you absolutely can't ignore the "needs review" tab and just assume that there aren't any more errors. fellow developers i love you, but you're killing me. :blobsob:

based on our expected attendees, the breakdown of pronoun options will be:

- 20% he/him
- 40% she/her
- 10% they/them
- 5% ze/hir
- 5% ve/vir
- 5% xe/xir
- 15% __/__

some pronoun button designs i'm working on for an LGBTQ+ in tech meetup i help run.

each will have a variety of colors and a bunch of pronouns.

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Just had the exciting realization that I'm not more of a morning person than my coworkers, I'm just more awake when I get into the office because my commute is way longer. 🙃

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mastodon is just twitter with the i dont want to see or be seen by straight people turned on

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i've seen alita twice already since it came out, and can confirm that it has excellent rewatch value.

i'm heckin excited to get started on my conference talk about gender on forms. GET READY because i will absolutely be sharing these slides, and i've found some truly bad examples of how to ask users about this junk.

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read 👏 profiles 👏 for 👏 pronouns 👏 and 👏 use 👏 them

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after over 1.5 years of working at a shop (as a front end dev), i'm learning the back end side of wordpress as part of redoing my personal site.

when i built this iteration of my site two years ago, i for some reason thought that jekyll would be easier than wordpress. minimal markdown based static site generator > big CMS right?

wordpress is _way easier_ than jekyll and i'm almost ashamed (but not really) that i thought jekyll would be better for so long.

this font based on US national park carved signs is so charming:

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