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updated my profile pic, it's my real actual skull :thinkergunsunglasses:

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a question i frequently get is "what's the difference between wizards, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, mages, etc.?" and the answer to that is how goth they are

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this is a video of mike pence wishing garfield a happy birthday.

i've never been more tempted to remix an audio clip in my life.

food and weed mentions 

kicking off my lovely solstice vacation (now though the 27th) ❄

- cleaned my desk
- finished two loads of laundry- assembled a little snack spread
- made my new fav drink: purple monster floated on blue mountain dew

and now: an edible.

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a field guide to the games in the BLM bundle 

If you bought the "bundle for racial justice and equality" earlier this year, here's a list of cyberpunk games in it, and winter-themed/holiday games in it (there's a tabletop RPG for Hanukkah in there that you play with a dreidel instead of dice), and lists of all kinds of other things in the bundle, everything that you might be looking for.

If you're trying to find something and don't see it in the document, reply to this thread, and I'll see if I can find it in the bundle for you.

i bought no man’s sky yesterday and have been having an absolute blast.

it's like, all my fav parts of minecraft and outer wilds smashed into one game, absolutely stellar

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ah it’s winter, the time of year where i get really into mastodon and the open web and microblogging and crap

so i found this amazing album on @internetarchive

published like three days ago, and it's seriously a bop, check it out:

I just want a tool I can use to author content, and then check boxes for which platform to post it to, between:
- twitter
- mastodon
- instagram
- my wordpress microblog

And I feel like I can do that with Wordpress somehow maybe?

I mean, if you try hard enough, you can use Wordpress for anything but like, I want it to be pretty painless 🤔

But then again, maybe I can just manually cross-post things loooooool. I just feel like I go through phases of using either Twitter or Mastodon, but I don't ever use both. Like, I'll swing back and forth when I hit problems, aka mastodon is better at everything but way more of my network uses twitter.

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invent your own deities and make them real. get hopped on psychedelics, dance til you fall down, and ask whatever comes to see you for directions. scream nonsense at the sky until something answers & then that's its name. start walking in a random direction and make wherever you end up a shrine. invoke, invoke, invoke. anything can be your god & nothing has to

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bluhhhh why is my personal timeline all the time not loading on idk if i missed something or something happened or what

autism, :cannabis_leaf: mention 

time to get a little bit high so i can push past these sensory issues and put away some laundry while listening to black dresses :black_sparkles:

what if i got into making sims 4 custom content :owosneakythink:

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