The transgender urge to make your last name something ridiculous (e.g. Crissaegrim, Ganymede, Fusion, etc)

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Stella Fusion. That's fucking badass holy shit that's great holy fuck

@stellakarasu *cries in german name change law* (a transgender name change only allows to change first and middle name)

@LunaDragofelis what the fuck! That's so fucked up! Can cis people change last name, or does that apply to everyone?

@stellakarasu first/middle name changes are exclusive to transgender people, and getting officially recognized as such is a difficult and expensive process

@LunaDragofelis @stellakarasu which is especially inconvenient when your last name is from the language with grammatical gender, where last names are gender by their endings

@LunaDragofelis @stellakarasu Here's an idea. Move to a country that lets you legally change your whole name, change it to whatever you want, move back to Germany, and they'll have to honor your legal name change. (I really don't know if that would work, but honestly, I like how comedic that process sounds, lol.)

@stellakarasu I’ve always liked the idea of making “Cyan” my last name lol

But I also like my current last name so I wouldn’t change it even if I could

@stellakarasu Mixed with the enby urge to be an object's name and you have Laundry Lampshade

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