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The truest form of violence is Christmas music

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Don't TALK to me before I've had my COFFEE and my LUNCH and my AFTERNOON JOG and a nice LIGHT DINNER and a BEER OR TWO and my LATE NIGHT SNACK and TEN HOURS SLEEP and TOMORROW'S COFFEE

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There are too many people using computers just to make money now and it’s a damn shame. ↯89MAR

social media is for losers who just want human connection and information and art and exposure to different cultures and ideas, ugh, LOG OFF ALREADY

4:20, woooo! Everybody take the ibuprofen you forgot to take at 4:00

the multifaceted art form of jazz in all its storied grandeur was invented specifically to frustrate me, an amateur bass guitarist at home in 2022

When I was a small child, I saw an episode of Dudley Do-Right in which he had to get kicked out of the Mounties for some reason, probably to go undercover to catch Snidely Whiplash. He wanted to cause the smallest possible problem that would get him believably expelled, so he ate peas off a butter knife, which apparently broke some very strict RCMP regulations about how to eat food.

I have absolutely no idea why I remember any of this, but I guess the moral of the story is ACAB.

I... don't think my therapist is very... good. Fortunately my health insurance will only pay for 8 sessions with her anyway

Tired? Weary? Could sleep for a thousand years?

Ask your dear mistress if shiny! Shiny! Shiny boots of leather are right for you

(this post is 85% for @xor who I know just wants more crossword content on the fediverse)

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Finally let my NYTXW subscription go. I don't want to hate on it too much - they run some great stuff - but with AVCXW and Inkubator and New Yorker and OOLF subs too, this one felt like the one I *had* to do every day, not the one I *wanted* to do.

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Cool job opportunity! @torproject is looking for a software engineer to join the applications team. You would be hacking away on the Tor Browser!

*extremely Glenn Danzig voice*
The stress is on this syllable

As executives at every corporation, apparently, the one consistent piece of feedback we always get is that people love intrusive advertising and want to put up with more of it

Anxiety? No thank you, I prefer anxiecoffy


Never meet your heroes, they'll just do 600+ DPS with blood-loss and poison build-up

Bot idea: the [gerund] will continue until [noun] improves

It's bound to be funny at least once!

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