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Just heard a slow R&B cover of Stayin' Alive and all I could think of was how doing CPR to it wouldn't work quite as well.

@caraellison I'm neither straight nor a woman but I need that too

When you're reading game design literature for comps and someone doesn't spell Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's name correctly

transition, (-), advice needed from those who have had any validation surgery 

@frameacloud I think it really depends on the surgeon. The one I ended up going with was encouraging but realistic about what they could do, and showed they understood what my goals were.

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cybre ≠ cyber

cybre describes an optimism, a hope for the possibility of technology rather than a fear of its oppression
cybre represents the reality of what is now possible, in addition to the mythology of what was thought possible
cybre belongs to the indomitable individuals and indefatigable communities who have carved out a home in an invisible layer above reality

also cybre was available as a domain name

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For every new software feature you want to add, think, "How would a group of persistent, tech savvy people use this feature to harass someone."

Maybe that means you decide not to implement it. Maybe that means you work on something else that would support people who get the majority of harassment.

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It's always weird to encounter women with my deadname but when it's a trans woman, it makes me feel kinda happy? Like someone out there is putting this thing I had for 30 years to good use?

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I tooted a cat 

Here is my good cat & the crochet d version of him that @squinky made!

Is it safe to go back on the internet yet?

Rode my bike for the first time this year, so I guess this means it's officially spring in Montreal?

Fun fact: the Anarchist's Cookbook is actually just a collection of vegan dessert recipes.

I should be at GDC right now, but instead, I'm still in Oakland quietly consuming coffee and impressing cute baristas with my clever t-shirts. :blobcat:

No GDC parties for me tonight. Still exhausted from speaking up in that unionization roundtable.

On the bright side, at least my birbsite account is getting some use.

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really enjoyed @squinky's talk at gdc today—I love hearing people break down their creative choices especially in the context of expectations about how the work is received and perceived #gdc #gdc18

I just want to say that it's such a relief when I meet another person and can drop the act of having to look at them while we're speaking to each other.

@nonphatic That's the French dub but fortunately the French Canadian dub was right below. :blobcat:

Just woke up from a dream where I was looking for the French Canadian dub of steamed hams, and now I actually want to find it.

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