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BREAKING NEWS: the cat is now feeling safe/curious enough to explore my bedroom while I'm at my computer. Here they are staring out my window.


I totally saw/heard the cat exploring my room some more while I was drifting in and out of sleep last night :blobcat:

OMG the cat just poked their head into my room! And then I got excited and said "hi!" and then they ran away...

Cat update: they are eating and pooping and exploring when no one is around. Also, they actually hissed at me when I found them in one of their hiding spots, as opposed to remaining silent. Progress?

Cat continues to hide, but actually used the litterbox last night! Yay!

State of the cat: still hiding. Which is only fair, really: I basically uprooted them from the foster home in which they were only just starting to get comfy and put them in an unfamiliar place with weird new smells. Humans are assholes, indeed.

I have adopted a cat. Pictures will follow once they come out of hiding. :blobcat:

@brinstar It's funnier because we actually do pronounce the name of the city in the lewd-sounding way :blobsunglasses:

@hache As a former long-time Vancouver resident, I appreciate that.

If any city deserves an "I am in you" joke, it's Regina.

Today, these kids saw me and were like "that guy has cool hair" and I was like THANK YOU :blobheart:

What a weird and wonderful month it's been.

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hey y'all, please put captions / image descriptions on your images. it doesn't count toward the character limit for toots and it makes the fediverse more accessible for blind people and people with vision impairments


@dreadfuletiquette Ugh, that's fucked up. 😤 Glad I could help, though!

epiphany: I don't need a medical professional to tell me I'm trans. I just know, based on years of soul searching and researching other people's experiences, and I've been taking steps (medical or otherwise) to alleviate my dysphoria as a result.

So why should I fret about not having a formal autism diagnosis, anyway?

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Just heard a slow R&B cover of Stayin' Alive and all I could think of was how doing CPR to it wouldn't work quite as well.

@caraellison I'm neither straight nor a woman but I need that too