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Squinky™ @squinky@cybre.space

BREAKING NEWS: the cat is now feeling safe/curious enough to explore my bedroom while I'm at my computer. Here they are staring out my window.


EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at my GDC Narrative Innovation Showcase microtalk cybre.space/media/IuNiI76jfsdV

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Hey enthusiasts! In case you haven't yet checked out my new walking-when-depressed simulator: squinky.itch.io/yutbs cybre.space/media/rRUZ2liZmyer

Guess what, everyone! The Dominique Pamplemousse games are now pay-what-you-want on itch.io! Grab 'em at dominiquepamplemousse.com


A thing I've been enjoying about my current project is getting to make fake storefront signs. cybre.space/media/PbdfxKcu0F3N