Staying home for New Year's is sounding more and more appealing to me.

@squinky ive tried doing things every year ive been in Seattle and they all kinda blew

@hellojed Yeah, New Year's parties tend to suck for me when it comes to sensory overload. Also, it's really cold in Montreal and I don't feel like going outside.

@squinky the One Time i had a good new years was the first year I was in seattle, I went to a random bar to, uh, watch the space needle? and I ended up making some friends. we went to their apartment at around 1am to play super smash brothers, then went to a chinese resturant at 4 or so that was still open, by the time we left the busses were running again. I gave them my number but I never heard from em again. boo

@squinky I've spent the past fifteen years pointedly not going to new years parties and sitting in and watching tat/playing games instead and can totally recommend it.

The fifteen or so years of parties before that, I can't think of one I really enjoyed or wanted to be there for. Every single one sucked for different reasons.

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