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going back in time to change all leftists mention of the apocalypse to "the 2pacalaypse"

@kurisu if you're not awake how did you post this can't fool me

@lobstheir the funny level of mastodon is a universal constant. every time you post a good toot you're making someone else's toot worse. Think about it. I haven't.

there's only a finite amount of possible posts so i think the funny people on here should stop hogging the good ones

@weird_hell wordpress is pretty easy imo but mega unfamiliar with what the other options are.

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This seems relevant to my masto friends:

"So all the Animorphs books are available online for free with [Katherine Applegate]'s blessing, btw" users

We also have a matrix chat server!

(the web interface is unmaintained so I disabled it go use the app)

texmex is only good if you get it from a -bertos chain such as Filibertos I don't make the rules

@cute people always say "real mexican food doesn't have nacho cheese" like I give a shit gimme that queso

My new webcomic is called KIM & NOE WILL BE OKAY.

It's a queer adventure serial that's also about trying to move on from difficult things and about feelings and stuff.

You can start reading it right here:

fyi: feel free to go through my old toots. print them out and put them on your wall so you can see them all the time. treasure them forever.

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