I wasn't joking by the way about that list of spells I've got 3000 so far. wintergreen.science/list_of_sp

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I need to download between 10,000 and 100,000 magic spells and abilities

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Who'll teach me drama?
Who'll be my acting coach?
I love the theater

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my favorite type of bad poster is the guy seriously whining about the lack of serious academic discussion in like a joke thread about tupperware on a video game forum

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poll: should I write my own 3D renderer in pure python

1) no
2) wtf

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nothing is possible and everything is possible. because it is the possibility of something that makes something possible or not.

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*standing outside shouting and holding up a sign that says "FREE TOOTS"*

american picklers: gherkin it from coast to coast

I have multiple chatbots I can hook up to this account that can be turned on at a moments notice if anyone ever tries discoursing me. you have been warned

the true enemy of humanity... is disorder

hari seldon saw all this shit coming

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