@garfiald check your profile you spelled "lasagna" wrong bozo

I remember a while ago when the new mozilla ceo was announced there was a big hubbub about how he donated to some garbage conservative organization and someone's take was "the real problem is this means he is incredibly bad at gauging what public response to decisions is going to be" and no prediction has ever been more right

when are we gonna bring back that family that was lost in space?

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I could write a much better article about how terrible mastodon is tbh. I got grievances up the wazoo.

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I support gay
because i believe that all
earthlings are created equal....

proud to announce an upcoming guest toot written by neil gaiman

i just saw the word 'prepper' used in a non-reactionary way, and now i want to reclaim it for lots of rad things:

* food prepper
* community prepper
* spiritual prepper
* hope prepper

for a large portion of my childhood I thought "two left feet" was an actual medical condition

Hello friends.

It's my birthday tomorrow.

If you'd like to get me something -- please make somebody laugh, or play with a cat, or put some change in a charity tin, or pick up some trash, that kind of thing. Make the world around you just a little better.

Thank you, I love you.

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