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Maybe I'll just fuckin' drink myself some fuckin' coffee and brute force thru the day. My body likes 4 hours of sleep right now, even if its not sustainable, so fuck it.

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Like, I miss going to be at normal hours and having company during my days.
I miss being able to go to the store when I need something. I miss existing like a normal ass human being.

And I'm ruined by the fact that I can't sleep like a normal fucking person.

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So I've been on and off sleeping for the last several hours... I guess when you spend the majority of the last several years working overnights, you don't get to sleep without the warm light of the sun anymore...

I'm deeply disturbed by this revelation.

Arguing with randoms on the internet is not praxis

My circadian rhythm is an animal having a fucking breakdown.

Everyone deserves a big tiddy muscle wife. :3

yearly reminder as they are deploying their Santas now to not give a fucking cent to the Salvation Army ✌️ they are violently queerphobic, racist, and other pretty nasty things. your money always does better going right into the pockets of vulnerable folk, not thru a charity.

Its not right. Like, I fucked up and other people keep paying the price for my idiocy.

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I mean, I fuck up all the time, that's life. But I mean I think I really fucked up.

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Gosh if I keep tooting like this, I'm gonna be rivaling our own vantablack. /s

🎵 One voice through a telephone
🎶 Saying "please come take me home"

I am a head empty bimbo. I will not apologize for this... mostly because I'm still feeling the aftershocks.

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