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I feel like actual shit right now. I had a good time at dinner... but I get home from dinner and I just want to die.

I feel kinda bipolar.

@vantablack avoid snap at all costs if you want any sort of customization.

And yeah. AUR is dope.

shill; drugs 

It is yet again time for me shill for someone else's cause:

This webcomic is about Dan, a drug addict retired VR junky living in the cyberpunk hellscape of 1995.

Its a very good story.

@vantablack You should totally put FreeBSD (er, GhostBSD if you're used to OS providing a desktop on install) on the T420 now that its slated to be a secondary computer!

Kinda miss my typewriter... and my keyboards. The keys on this laptop are kinda just garbage.

Its official: sleep is absurd and stupid. I don't have any sort of day/night cycle. Sleep comes and goes when it wants to.

❌ "child-proof packaging"

✅ "stoner-proof packaging"

Started my new dose of E today.
More than double my previous doses. Lots of sleep issues, but when I'm awake I'm so awake I feel invincable.

Maybe I'll just fuckin' drink myself some fuckin' coffee and brute force thru the day. My body likes 4 hours of sleep right now, even if its not sustainable, so fuck it.

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Like, I miss going to be at normal hours and having company during my days.
I miss being able to go to the store when I need something. I miss existing like a normal ass human being.

And I'm ruined by the fact that I can't sleep like a normal fucking person.

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So I've been on and off sleeping for the last several hours... I guess when you spend the majority of the last several years working overnights, you don't get to sleep without the warm light of the sun anymore...

I'm deeply disturbed by this revelation.

Arguing with randoms on the internet is not praxis

My circadian rhythm is an animal having a fucking breakdown.

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